State of Decay 2 Voices

All of the State of Decay 2 voices available for both male and female survivors. Also includes Heartland and Homecoming survivor voices.

Male Voices

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Female Voices

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Unavailable Voices

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Male Voices

Voice Name Voice Sample Also Used For Has All Audio?
Ada - Male
Captain Logan
Bar - Male
Brock Jensen
Eli - Male
Isaac Robinson
Gab - Male
Ray Santos
Joa - Male
Lam - Male
Malik Wilson
Mas - Male
Bounty Broker
Mic - Male
Mickey Wilkerson
Owe - Male
Qui - Male
Quincy Maxwell
Tar - Male
Vic - Male
Vicente Martin
Xan - Male
Zek - Male

Female Voices

Voice Name Voice Sample Also Used For Has All Audio?
Chr - Female
Larisse Davis
Dia - Female
Diana Mullen
Fio - Female
Fiona Davis
Hel - Female
Helena Cruz
Isa - Female
Kee - Female
Keesha Green
Nat - Female
Nat Wilkerson
Pat - Female
Reb - Female
Reba McGill
Sof - Female
Tressie Huerta
Urs - Female
Dr. Hoffmann
Wei - Female
Yol - Female

Unavailable Voices

Voice Name Voice Sample Also Used For
Kami Baez
Lily Ritter
Nigel Meredith
Teresa Westen

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'Has All Audio?' mean?

That means the voice actors recorded all of the dialogue required for missions, encounters etc.

What if a survivor doesn't have all audio?

They will be silent during some situations and shouldn't be used on your leader.

Why can't I use those voices on my leader?

Since they're missing some dialogue the legacy missions can cause issues.

Some of the voices sound familiar?

Most of the voices are by professional voice actors with many credits, for example:

Brock Jensen is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, who also voiced Insomniac's Spider-Man.

Twain is voiced by Dave Fennoy, who also did the voice for Lee Everett in Telltale's The Walking Dead.

Lt. Nigel Meredith is voiced by Gavin Hammon, who voiced Kenny from Telltale's The Walking Dead.

Can Heartland voices go on regular survivors?

Yes! All of the available voices can be used on any survivor.

Can I use the voices for Lily Ritter, Twain, Nigel Meredith, Teresa etc?

No, unfortunately the voice actors only recorded a few lines and aren't usable for our survivors.

Can I get a female voice on male character,
and vice versa?

Yes of course.

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