State of Decay 2 Voices

Check out all of the survivor voices available in State of Decay 2 for both male and females. Also includes Heartland character voices.

Ada - Male

Voice of Captain Logan (Heartland)

Bar - Male

Voice of Brock (Heartland)

Eli - Male

Gab - Male

Voice of Ray Santos (Heartland)

Joa - Male

Voice of Chavez (Heartland)

Lam - Male

Voice of Malik (Heartland)

Mas - Male

Voice of Cash Beaumont (Bounty Broker)

Owe - Male

Qui - Male

Voice of Quincy Maxwell (Heartland)

Tar - Male

Vic - Male

Voice of Vic (Heartland)

Xan - Male

Voice of Xander (Heartland)

Zek - Male

Chr - Female

Voice of Larisse (Heartland)

Dia - Female

Voice of Diana (Heartland)

Fio - Female

Voice of Aunt Fi (Heartland)

Hel - Female

Voice of Helena Cruz (Heartland)

Isa - Female

Voice of IzzBee (Heartland)

Kee - Female

Voice of Keesha (Heartland)

Nat - Female

Voice of Natalie Wilkerson (Heartland)

Pat - Female

Reb - Female

Voice of Reba (Heartland)

Sof - Female

Urs - Female

Voice of Dr. Hoffmann (Heartland)

Wei - Female

Voice of Grace Lin (Heartland)

Yol - Female

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Heartland voices go on regular survivors?

Yes! All voices work on any character.

Are there voices for Lily Ritter, Twain, Nigel Meredith, Teresa etc?

No unfortunately, the voice actors only recorded a few lines and aren't usable for our survivors.

Which voice is used for Sasquatch?

Sasquatch doesn't have a usable voice file unfortunately. The best alternative is Qui.

Can I get a female voice on male character,
and vice versa?

Yes of course.

Which voice is the Bounty Broker?

Mas is the voice used by Cash Beaumont/Bounty Broker.

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