state of decay 2 traits

State of Decay 2 Traits

Explore all of the State of Decay 2 traits available including Red Talon traits, Heartland traits, military traits, law enforcement traits and more.

Trait Description Positive Effects Negative Effects
A Little Forgetful Sometimes I walk into a room, and I forget what I was ... what were we talking about?    
A Little Sadistic Sometimes you have to make an example of someone. You know, to send a message.   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
Absent-Minded I swear I'd lose my head if it wasn't screwed on.   • -66% Medicine, Chemistry, Wits Experience Rate
Accountant I've got a lot of experience sizing up problems and making the math work out.    
Action Choreographer I blocked out action sequences for a couple of local TV productions.    
Action Movie Extra We all got weapons training before filming began. But I think the whole point was to miss.    
Action Videographer My friends and I staged fake battles with air guns, and put the whole thing up on the Internet.    
Active Duty Military I was on deployment when they pulled me back stateside to fight the outbreak.    
Admin Assistant My job was to have everything my boss needed, when she needed it.    
Adrenaline Junkie I go out, I risk my life, and once I get safe inside, all I want to do is go out again.   • Sometimes wastes medicine
Advertiser I worked in advertising. It was exactly the way it looked on TV. I promise.    
Aeronautics Engineer I was pretty specialized, but engineering is engineering. • +100% Mechanics Experience Rate  
Afraid of Everything Spiders, heights, clowns ... you name it.   • Often the target when conflicts occur
Afraid of Rats Don't even joke about there being rats here. I think it's the tails; I can't even look at them!    
Agriculture Professor I was tenured at an agricultural school in the South. So yes, I know how to plant a garden. • Morale bonus from having a Garden  
Air Marshal Never assume you're the only one with a gun.    
Air Traffic Control You've got to know where everybody is, and catch any hiccups before they turn into disasters.    
Aircraft Mechanic The stuff I worked on was different from what you'll find around here, but I'm picking it up. • +100% Mechanics Experience Rate  
Airsoft Commando My friends and I used to practice squad tactics in the woods. Not one of us lost an eye.    
All Out of Fucks I have none left to give.   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
Always Cold It's really hard to get comfortable, now that I can't surround myself with space heaters.   • -20 Max Stamina
Always Kept Moving After the outbreak, I never sat still. Kept on the road, running from one disaster to the next.    
Always Packed a Lunch The lunches I brought got more elaborate, until I was serving myself a three-course meal.    
Always Paid for Dinner I'm not just showing off my money. When you're with me, you're my responsibility.    
Always Ready to Move I keep my stuff packed and my boots on at all times, just in case.    
Always Vigilant You can't let anything get by you; not anymore. I'm always watching for the next disaster.    
Always Wanted to Camp I used to dream about sleeping under the stars. Used to. • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities  
Amateur Acrobat Have you seen me do a backflip off a rooftop? It's pretty sick.    
Amateur Boxer I realized early on that I wasn't going to make a career of it. But I couldn't stop.    
Amateur Comic I was the headliner at open mic night every single week!    
Amateur Hypnotist I used to hypnotize my friends to embarrass them at parties. Still not sure if it really worked.    
Amateur Painter It helps me relax after a long, hard day of not-painting.    
Amateur Pilot I guess I'll never achieve that dream of being asked to land a 747 during a crisis.    
Ammo Hoarder You think I bought this ammo after the outbreak? This shit is from the last election day. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Storage  
Ammo Hobbyist I got really into making my own custom ammo loads, then shooting them at unusual targets.   • Sometimes wastes ammo
Anarchist I want nothing to do with your new "government" ... I had enough of the old one already.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
Angler I'm pretty good at catching food, if we can find a body of water that isn't full of corpses.    
Angsty How can you stand to live in a world like this?   • Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Animal Control Anything a zombie can do, a bear can do. But bigger and scarier.    
Animal Lover I’ve had more friends with four legs than with two.    
Antiques Buyer A I can tell the difference between treasure and trash from two rooms away.    
Antiques Buyer B You want to make a killing in antiques, you've got to have a good eye and a sharp memory.    
Anxious All the Time I have these persistent worries that I just can't shake. People tell me to let it go, but how?   • -5 Morale
Apprentice Plumber I know all the basics, and I can figure out the rest when something goes wrong.    
Architect I didn't build the houses myself, but I had to know how they fit together. • Morale bonus from the Staging Area  
Army Brat My family moved around constantly, so I got used to starting over.    
Army Engineer I can build anything you want. Just give me a big bag of rock.    
Army Grunt Don't call me sir. I worked for a living.    
Army Motor Pool I maintained NTVs at a base in Europe. Never saw combat until the outbreak.    
Army Veteran We're all soldiers now, whether we enlisted or not.    
Arthritis It seems like the slightest physical effort leaves me practically immobile for a couple of day.   • -75% Cardio Experience Rate
Ascetic Conscious self-denial is the key to inner peace. It also makes starving more tolerable. • -50% Food Consumed Per Day  
Aspiring Vigilante I used to shoot cans in the yard, pretending I was taking down bad guys. • Morale bonus from Shooting training facilities • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
Assembly-Line Worker I was lucky to have one of the few manufacturing jobs left ... before we lost them all.    
Assistant Principal My job was to work with the actual kids, while the principal sat behind his shiny nameplate.    
Asthma I can't overdo it, or my own lungs turn against me. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Infirmary • -20 Max Stamina
• -66% Cardio Experience Rate
Astronomer We should have started work on a space colony decades ago. It may already be too late.    
Astronomy Professor I'm really just in it for the telescopes. I have three of my own at home. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
At Home in a Bar It's not really about the booze. It's just the only place I feel truly comfortable. • Morale bonus from Stills and Bars  
Attended Trade School A So glad I went into construction, instead of getting that theater degree my dad wanted... • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Attended Trade School B So glad I went into auto repair, instead of getting that degree my mom was pushing at me... • Morale bonus from the Auto Shop  
Attended Trade School C Glad I got into utility work, instead of that liberal arts college my grandparents were into... • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Attending Physician When you're responsible for the residents' mistakes, you learn a lot about stress. And yelling.    
Audio Engineer My ear is a highly trained instrument. Well, technically both of them are. • +10m Enemy Detection Range  
Audiophile After a while, I stopped replacing the windows that my speakers blew out.   • +1 Noise
Auditor Nothing gets by me.    
Authoritarian When lives are on the line, there's no time for debate. • +50% Standing Rewards • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
Auto Body Technician I'm not really a pro at fixing engines, but I can bang out all your dents. • Morale bonus from the Auto Shop  
Auto Detailer Sometimes, I just don't tell people what I used to do. The messes they want me to clean up ... • Morale bonus from the Auto Shop  
Automated Systems Tech A modern factory will build an enormous machine and hire one person to keep it running.    
Automechanic I had my own shop before the outbreak. What I wouldn't give to get those tools back. • Morale bonus for the Auto Shop  
Automotive Technician I worked at an auto detailer, doing scheduled maintenance and minor repairs. • Morale bonus for the Auto Shop  
Autopsy Technician I'm used to cutting bodies open. I'm just not used to anything moving around in there.    
AV Technician I was the only one in the building who knew how to use the projector in the conference room.    
Avid Cosplayer Eventually I got to the point where I was more fun to make up my own characters and costumes.    
Avid Game Player If it's got rules, I'll give it a try. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Lounge  
Avid Hunter Every year, I bagged the limit before most people were done loading the beer into their cars. • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities  
Avionics Technician I did diagnostics and troubleshooting for major airline control systems.    
Avoids First Name I could always recognize telemarketers because they called me by my first name.    
Awful Fashion Sense Orange is the perfect color. It goes with everything!   • Often the target when conflicts occur
Back Pain Welcome to hell, everybody. Trust me, you do not want to be me right now.   • -10 Max Carrying Capacity
• -5 Light Carrying Capacity
• -20 Max Health
Backpacker I once spent six months backpacking across Europe. There weren't even any zombies chasing me. • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities  
Backwoods Upbringing Where I grew up, guns weren't political. They were pest control.    
Bad Back A It just runs in my family. We're all hunched over by the time we're sixty. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Infirmary • -15 Max Carrying Capacity
Bad Back B Just about anything can throw my back out, and then I'm useless for days.   • -20 Max Health
• -30 Max Stamina
Bad Carpenter I rebuilt my entire basement on my own. I don't understand why the next owners gutted it ...   • Sometimes wastes materials
• -66% Craftsmanship Experience Rate
Bad Leg It's not quite a limp, but I definitely know when a storm is coming.    
Bad Shot Some people just can't shoot, and I'm one of them. I do everything right, and I just miss.   • Sometimes wastes ammo
• -66% Shooting Experience Rate
Bad Shoulder I did something bad to my shoulder once while climbing away from a horde of zombies. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Infirmary • -5 Max Carrying Capacity
• -75% Fighting Experience Rate
Baggage Handler "Actually, throwers don't worry about ticking, because modern bombs don't tick."    
Bagpiper People really only let me get my instrument out for funerals. • +10 Max Stamina • -5 Morale (Community)
Baker I time my work to fill the base with the smell of baking bread when everyone is home. • +3 Morale (Community)  
Ballet Dancer If you want high leaps, steady balance, and a good grip, then you want to learn ballet. • Morale bonus from having a Lounge  
Ballroom Dancer I love to dance, but there aren't a lot of great partners left anymore. • Morale bonus from having a Lounge  
Band Geek I could march all day carrying a sousaphone, and you wouldn't hear me complain.    
Barber I know my way around a sharp blade.    
Barista I like to make art with espresso foam. It's ephemeral, like life.    
Bartender I definitely know my way around a kitchen, though most of my skills are alcohol-related. • Morale bonus from Stills and Bars  
BASE Jumper You'd be surprised what a person can survive.    
Baseball Fan The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd ... there's no way to even fake it now. • Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector  
Basement Dweller I lived in my parents' basement for years. Not much of a social life. But I survived. • Morale bonus from luxury bed facilities • -33% Standing Rewards
Basket Weaver Don't laugh. Underwater Basket Weaving was worth an elective credit.    
Basketball Fan Honestly, it’s the sounds of the game that I miss, more than even the game itself. • Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector  
BBQ Master You can make the egg salad, but nobody touches the grill but me.    
Bead Crafter I sold my beadwork out of a little online store I ran myself.    
Beatboxer We need to get an a capella group going. I'll lay down some beats, and the rest of you sing. • +5 Max Stamina  
Beautician I'm good at making people look good.    
Beekeeper Of course I've been stung. Got to a point where pain wasn't really an issue anymore. • +30 Max Health  
Beer Lover I’m not picky. I just love beer. • Morale bonus from Stills and Bars  
Behavior Analyst I became a BCBA because I saw what my brother went through with his autism.    
Believes in People Hey, don't listen to those doubts, all right? I know you can handle this.    
Belligerent You talking to me? Well, I'm the only one here. Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
• -3 Morale (Community)
• Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Biathlete I mastered the ancient art of shooting things while on skis.    
Bike Courier Load me up with anything, and I'll get it there no time.    
Biochemist My work was mostly academic, but a lot of my colleagues ended up in the pharmaceutical industry.    
Bioengineering Professor Might as well work on the zombie plague. Most people already think my job is science fiction. • +100 Infection Resistance  
Biotech Scientist We were on the cutting edge of gene-splicing tech. If we'd known this was coming ...    
Birdwatcher You should see what I can do with a pair of binoculars. (Watch birds. That's what.)    
Blacksmith I swung a hammer at one of those colonial-reenactment places. • Morale bonus from the Forge  
Blade Collector My bedroom wall was covered with swords. I could only take five or six of my favorites.    
Bleak Outlook This is more than just being sad. Everybody gets sad. This is ... something much worse.   • -7 Morale
Blew Stuff Up Yeah, I was one of those kids. I'm kind of proud that I've still got all my fingers.   • Sometimes wastes ammo
Blogger I used to spend my spare time writing about my life, and responding to current events.    
Blood Plague Survivor I've actually recovered from blood plague without taking any cure. No one knows how it happened. • -100% Plague Infection  
BMX Competitor I was this close to landing a sponsorship when things when south.    
Bodyguard A Don't mess with my client.    
Bodyguard B I worked for someone in Hollywood. I won't say who ... discretion is a big part of the job.    
Bold Driver A You can't really know a car until the gas pedal hits the floor.   • Sometimes wastes fuel
Bold Driver B You can't really know a car until the gas pedal hits the floor.    
Boot Camp Survivor Red Talon's boot camp is way harder than anything the zombies ever put me through. • +20 Max Health  
Booze Nerd I'll spend an entire weekend coming up with the perfect cocktail for an occasion. • Morale bonus from Stills and Bars  
Botanist I said botany, not lobotomy. I can see why that might confuse you. • Morale bonus from having a Garden  
Both Knees Replaced I'm basically a cyborg. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Infirmary • -66% Cardio Experience Rate
Bouncer Some loser at the club always thought it would be clever to bring in a knife.    
Bounty Hunter A The jobs aren't as wild as they look on TV, but you do need to know how to defend yourself.    
Bounty Hunter B I survived for months, taking contracts from folks who had problems with outlaws.    
Boxing Coach I've never been a contender myself, but I know how to make them. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Braggart Not everyone loves being around someone as confident as I am, but they definitely know I’m here. • +50% Standing Rewards • -3 Morale (Community)
• Often the target when conflicts occur
Brave We all die eventually. You've just got to accept that, and do what needs to be done.    
Breaking Champion I spent years toughening up my fists and feet until I could punch through cinderblocks.    
Bright-Eyed Recruit Once I found the Network, I knew I was home free. We're going to rebuild the world together. • +15 Morale  
Brittle It doesn't take much to push me over the edge. I've just had enough of this shit, you know?   • Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
• -30 Max Health
Broad-Shouldered You can carry a lot on a good set of shoulders. • +15 Max Carrying Capacity  
Bronto Gas Attendant The distinction is in the extinction!    
Bronto Gas Cashier I spent a lot of my time just standing there, staring at cars I'd never own.    
Brush Clearer A While other kids were off on spring break, I was hacking at the brush on my grandfather’s land. • Morale bonus from Outdoor Bed facilities  
Brush Clearer B While other kids were off on spring break, I was hacking at the brush on my grandfather’s land. • Morale bonus from Outdoor Bed facilities  
Building a Gyrocopter I should show you all the plans I've drawn up. It'll be amazing, you'll see. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Building Super I managed the day-to-day at a downtown apartment building. That boiler was my nemesis. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Built a PC I followed a tutorial online, and it works a solid ninety-five percent of the time.    
Built a Treehouse It took three years to get it done, but it was basically a tiny clone of our actual house.    
Built Barricades We used to go nuts with our barricades ... but you know what? The zombies always got through.    
Built Battle Robots I joined a bunch of engineering buddies to build fighting robots for one of those competitions. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Built the Worst Deck I built a deck behind my house once. We couldn't sell it until a professional replaced it.   • Sometimes wastes materials
• -33% Craftsmanship Experience Rate
Burglar I know all about getting into houses and finding what I need, without anyone being the wiser.    
Burly I've never been someone folks wanted to mess with.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
Burned House Down I used to love experimenting with chemicals in my basement. Why would I need training?   • -66% Chemistry Experience Rate
Burned It All Down The infestation got so bad back home that we decided to just burn the whole place to the ground.   • Sometimes wastes fuel
Bus Driver One of my passengers died when I crashed the bus. They got up, and it was over from there.    
Busybody I'm not looking for gossip, I just really care about what's going on in your life.   • Often the target when conflicts occur
Butcher I know a thing or two about cutting apart dead things.    
Cab Driver I was in the middle of a fare downtown when the outbreak hit. We stayed together for months.    
Cabinetmaker Real intricate woodwork takes years of practice, and a lot of scrapped projects. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Cable Installer I know how to fix a lot more problems than the company technically allows me to fix.    
Cadet Instructor I've run the gauntlet so many times, the new recruits' pain just makes me laugh. • +50% Cardio Experience Rate  
Cafeteria Manager My job was to plan out meals that satisfied a ton of handed-down nutritional requirements.    
Cake Decorator I actually made a cake look like a head with a bullet hole once. Doesn’t seem as hilarious now.    
Camp Counselor I was actually teaching a wilderness survival class when the outbreak hit. • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities  
Camp Physician I'm not a part of the military, but when the refugee camps needed doctors, I volunteered.    
Campaign Manager I'm not the one standing at the podium. I'm the person in the back, reminding them what to say.    
Campfire Cook I make the best foil dinners. You'd be amazed what I can do in there. • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities  
Can Sleep Anywhere I don't need a bed. I can catch a bit of shuteye anywhere I need to. • -1 Beds Used  
Can Take a Punch My brothers and I used to practice hitting each other without flinching. • -40% Injury Severity  
Can't Sleep Alone I’ve had trouble sleeping alone since my last group got attacked in the middle of the night. • -1 Beds Used • -3 Morale (Community)
• Often the target when conflicts occur
Cancer Survivor I beat cancer; we can beat this. • +4 Morale  
Candlestick Maker Now all we need is a butcher and a baker ... • Morale bonus from the Forge  
Canvasser I know just enough about politics to get into an argument with you on your doorstep.    
Car Chopper The new world needs a new kind of car, and my head is full of ideas.    
Car Hobbyist I even tricked out my buddy's hearse. • Morale bonus from the Auto Shop  
Car Thief You've got to really know your way around a car if you want to get in and out fast.    
Caravan Driver My last group kept it mobile, driving from one place to the next in an old RV.    
Caravan Mechanic Moving supplies across the frontier meant somebody had to learn how to keep the engines turning. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Career Coach I helped people with long-term unemployment figure out how to get their careers moving again.    
Caring When someone matters to me, they really know it. • +3 Morale (Community)  
Carny The carnival was overrun immediately, and everybody scattered. I don't fit in anywhere now. • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities • -10% Standing Rewards
Carpenter I know how to swing a hammer.    
Carried Everyone's Stuff For some reason, everyone thought I would just carry things for them. Maybe because it was true. • +15 Max Carrying Capacity  
Carries Hand Sanitizer There is so much hand sanitizer left lying around stores. Is nobody washing their hands anymore? • +50 Infection Resistance  
Cartographer I got to place a trap street in the map of my hometown.    
Case Modder I built this one rig with twisting ducts, ribbing, and dry ice fog seeping out of the vents.    
Cashier If you need someone to stand there and count things, I’m here for you.    
Cat Burglar People have this weird habit of leaving their second-story windows open all night.    
Cat Lover I love cats. I love every kind of cat. I just want to hug all of them, but I can't.    
Cat Person If people were more like cats, there would be a lot more of us left.    
Cautious Take thins slow, and you'll end up making better decisions.    
CEO I was promoted to CEO when my boss retired to the country. I'll bet that guy is doing just fine. • +50% Standing Rewards  
CFO The CEO got the big bonuses, but I was the one who kept it running behind the scenes.   • -25% Standing Rewards
Chain Smoker The stress of overachieving led to some bad habits. This one ended my gymnastics career.   • -30 Max Stamina
Chainsaw Sculptor It was mostly bears. People have a thing for bears.    
Changed Jobs a Lot Some of us never found our dream job. We just took whatever we could get.    
Charity Worker I worked for a nonprofit that was involved in disaster relief. It prepared me for a lot.    
Cheerful People sometimes catch me smiling for no reason. • +4 Morale  
Chef They didn't put my name on the restaurant, but the people still kept coming back. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Kitchen  
Chemical Engineer A We made a low-friction coating for engine parts ... though I mostly used it for sock-skating.    
Chemical Engineer B I once stuck my fingers together for two weeks. I made a splint and told people I'd broken them.    
Chemist I wish it was crazy experiments every day, like the videos you see on the Internet.    
Chemistry Professor Until we relearn the old ways, we'll need to scavenge factory-produced chemicals for everything.    
Child Care Worker Getting certified meant I had to take courses in emergency first aid and CPR.    
Child of Celebrities My face was in the tabloids from day one. Fame, though. Once you've seen it up close? No thanks.   • -25% Standing Rewards
Childhood Gymnast I can still do a cartwheel! I think.    
Chiropractor Everything that's wrong with you is because your back is misaligned. Everything.   • -66% Medicine Experience Rate
Choral Director You have to have a precise ear for pitch, and the ability to direct other people. • +50% Standing Rewards  
Churrascaria Server I can be pretty deft with a knife when I need to be, at least when it comes to food.    
Cigar Enthusiast I'm wondering ... maybe it's actually easier to get things from Cuba now?   • -10 Max Stamina
City Council Member I finally ran for office, thinking I would make a difference to the world.    
Cleaned Offices When I did my job right, no one knew I was there.    
Clever I've always been able to think my way out of trouble. So far, anyway.    
Climber A I was always willing to work the hardest jobs, and do what it took to earn that next promotion.    
Climber B My parents found me at the top of a ceiling-height bookshelf before I knew how to walk.    
Closed-Minded If it ain't broke, don't fix it.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
• -75% Wits Experience Rate
Clumsy I'm as likely to hit my own face with a crowbar as I am to hit anything else.   • -66% Chemistry Experience Rate
• Sometimes wastes materials
• -66% Fighting Experience Rate
Code Ninja That was my actual title at the last company I worked at. The place was run by millenials.    
Coffee Connoisseur I've spent the entire apocalypse hunting for a good cup of coffee. I’m still searching.   • Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
College Fencer I used to fence left-handed to throw people off.    
College Freshman I finally got out of high school, really started my life ... and then the world ended.    
College Professor My PhD is in American History, but I handled a range of different general-studies courses.    
Combat Engineer I was on IED duty in Afghanistan, building bombs to blow up other bombs.    
Combat Medic My job was to patch people up while under fire, and to get them home in one piece.    
Combat Medic I know how to treat common injuries in the field, though some people say I overmedicate. • +15 Max Meds Storage • +25% Fatigue Severity (Community)
• Sometimes wastes medicine
Combat Ready Let the zeds get close to me. See what happens. • +50% Fighting Experience Rate  
Comic Book Dealer I traded and sold rare editions out on the convention floor, as well as a ton of other merch. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Lounge  
Comic Collector There’s always room in my pack for a few issues I’ve never read. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Lounge  
Comms Engineer With Red Talon, I worked on systems way ahead of what you have. So where do you keep the snacks? • +15 Max Food Storage • Sometimes wastes food
• +100% Food Consumed Per Day
Community Manager Well, I was no Sanya Weathers, but I did all right.    
Competitive Eater If you put it in a bun, I can eat it. • +30 Max Stamina • +100% Food Consumed Per Day
Competitive Gymnast I was definitely an overachiever in high school. That's the only type they let into gymnastics. • +1 Labor  
Competitive Shooter A I actually won a few trophies in shooting competitions, back in the day. • Morale bonus from Shooting training facilities  
Competitive Shooter B I actually won a few trophies in shooting competitions. My event was Rapid Fire Pistol. • Morale bonus from Shooting training facilities  
Competitive Sniper My old gang and I had zombie sniping contests. Five points per limb, twenty-five for a headshot.    
Complainer I hear that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so I always make sure I squeak the loudest.   • Keep their morale above 30+ to avoid conflicts
• -5 Morale
• Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Comptroller My job was keeping the local government's finances in line.    
Compulsive Gardener Because sometimes you find a seed pod. And you think, “Hm. I could plant this!” So you do. • Morale bonus from having a Garden
• +25% Gardening Experience Rate
Compulsive Upcycler Sit down and let me tell you all the forty-seven things I can make from that piece of "trash."   • Often the target when conflicts occur
Computer "Expert" Ice cream makes machines work better, especially computers. Spoon it right in.   • -75% Computers Experience Rate
Confectioner My crowning accomplishment was a recreation of Dante's Inferno, entirely in taffy. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Kitchen  
Confident There's this voice inside me that keeps telling me I'm going to end up on top, no matter what. • +50% Standing Rewards
• +20 Max Health
Conspiracy Theorist Oh, I could tell you exactly what caused the outbreak. But I don't think you want to know.   • -33% Wits Experience Rate
Construction Manager My bosses finally put me in charge when they got sick of me telling them how to run the place. • Morale bonus from having a Staging Area  
Consul Officer I've been to a lot of communities like this one, making deals and spreading our message. • +50% Standing Rewards  
Contractor You don't just have to know your job. You've got to know all the other jobs, too. • Morale bonus from the Staging Area  
Convention Volunteer I got to wear a T-shirt that said "Enforcer" on it!    
Cooked for the Squad Red Talon doesn't have a lot of full-time cooks, but when you're good, you get the job. • +15 Max Food Storage • +25% Additional Infection From Attacks
• Sometimes wastes food
Cookie Shop Employee I baked chocolate chip cookies at a little shop downtown. There's an art to it.    
Cosplayer I made all my costumes from scratch, so I could dress as the most obscure characters.    
Couch Potato Hey, I serve an important role around here. I'm holding down this couch. • Morale bonus from luxury bed facilities • -66% Cardio Experience Rate
• Often the target when conflicts occur
• -1 Labor
• -50% Standing Rewards
Coupon Cutter I’d open up the sales papers every Sunday, and plan my entire week.    
Covered Wars I was a photographer embedded with an Army unit in Iraq. I saw my share of combat.    
Crazy Metabolism It's like I eat and eat, and all it does is give me more energy. • +45 Max Stamina • Sometimes wastes food
• +100% Food Consumed Per Day
Criminal Leader I spent years risking my life to get into a position where I wasn't on the front lines anymore. • +75% Standing Rewards • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
Crochet Artist I made a three-piece suit, complete with socks, underwear, bowtie, and hat. All of it crochet.    
Cross-Stitcher I had framed projects all over my house, each with an inspirational message.    
Crossbow Hunter Hunting isn't a proper challenge unless you even the odds a bit.    
Culinary Specialist In the military, you eat what they give you, but I try to make it more tolerable.    
Cult Film Junkie You can't imagine how excited I got the first time I introduced the dead to my boomstick.    
Custodian I didn't just clean the place, I did odd jobs whenever something broke down.    
Customer Service I got really good at listening to angry people, and still solving their problems productively.    
D-I-Y Remodeler Let me tell you the joys of remodeling your own home. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Dancer I performed every night at the biggest theater in town. I doubt anyone is left alive there. • Morale bonus from having a Lounge  
Daredevil If it's crazy and life-threatening, I want to do it. I put my body through so much punishment. • -30% Injury Severity
• +30 Max Health
• Sometimes wastes medicine
Dated Online Remember when you could find love without having to go outside?    
Day Laborer Every day, out in front of the hardware store, hoping somebody needed a rough pair of hands.    
Day Trader Split-second decision-making is a useful talent in any situation.    
Dead Zone Runner I did a tour running supplies into areas where our vehicles and comms couldn't reach. • +10 Light Carrying Capacity  
Decathlete I was actually on the short list to compete for my country. Feels like a lifetime ago. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Decent Shot I've always been decent shot on the range, even without any formal training.    
Decrepit I'm on my last legs. We're all better off if I can find a way to contribute while sitting down.   • -75% Cardio Experience Rate
• -75% Fighting Experience Rate
• -45 Max Stamina
Deer Hunter My idea of a fun weekend ends with a freezer full of vension. • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities  
Delivery Driver I got to know the city like the back of my hand, just in time to leave it behind forever.    
Demolitionist A No, not the kind with a sack of dynamite. The kind with a sledgehammer.    
Demolitionist B I spent years handling controlled demolitions of buildings. I can still do it, if we need to.    
Demolitionist I was the one who set the charges while everyone else ran for cover. • +15 Max Ammo Storage
• +15 Max Fuel Storage
• +1 Noise
• +1 Beds Used
• Sometimes wastes ammo
Dental Hygienist I definitely wasn't a doctor back then, but I knew my way around the basics.    
Dense Bone Condition Doctors actually studied my family to understand our unusually dense bones. • -100% Injury Chance  
Dentist I'm licensed to use anaethesia, and cut into your face. That's the best you're going to get.    
Dependable Friend I was a lot of people's "one phone call". • Can handle -60 morale without frustration
• +50% Standing Rewards
Designated Grunt They don't ask me where to go, they tell me.   • -10% Standing Rewards
Designated Marksman I trained hard to keep my squad alive when the enemy was out of everyone's reach but mine. • Morale Bonus from Shooting training facilities  
Determined Once I commit to something, it's really hard to shake me loose. • +20 Max Health
• Can handle -60 morale without frustration
• +20 Max Stamina
Did Pool Maintenance I maintained several dozen pools up and down the coast, for rich folks who never even used them.    
Did Trampoline Stunts I once jumped from a balcony, hit the trampoline, then did a backflip into the neighbor's pool.    
Diehard Veteran I've got feral blood in my veins. Nothing can stop me. • -40% Injury Severity
• +100 Infection Resistance
Diesel Mechanic I mostly worked on big trucks and buses, but it's all the same, in principle. • Morale bonus from the Auto Shop  
Dieter I tried a million ways to lose weight, but the best one was "Run for your life every day." • -25% Food Consumed Per Day  
Digestive Problems I’d love to change my diet, but that isn’t an option. It’s like a flamethrower, it’s horrible. • Morale bonus from having a Latrine • -7 Morale
• -10 Max Health
Digital Artist Painting just isn't the same without my tablet and stylus.    
Dirty Cop You've got to take care of our own. For me, that meant my family and my fellow police.   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
Disorganized A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind.   • -3 Morale (Community)
Distrusts Outsiders There's us, and then there's everybody else.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
Diver Working underwater is like doing constant resistance training.    
Does Heavy Lifting For some reason, wherever I go, I'm the one who has to carry all the big stuff.    
Does Tons of Squats I've never once skipped leg day. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities
• +10 Max Carrying Capacity
Does Yoga You need to be limber and focused to survive out there. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Doesn't Get Along Folks always seem to have a problem with me. I don't have one with them unless they piss me off.   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
Dog Person You'll never find a better friend.    
Dog Walker Rich people don't have time to walk their own dogs. I could get ten on the leash at a time.    
Dolorous Thanks for noticing me.   • Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
• Often the target when conflicts occur
• -3 Morale
Doomed I can see my death coming, just around the corner. I'd might as well accept it.   • Sometimes wastes medicine
• -45 Max Health
Drag Racer Driving straight into the face of certain death is what I was born for.    
Dream Therapist To understand ourselves, we must understand our dreams... and a good rest is crucial for that.    
Dreamed of Retirement One last score and I'd have been out. I'm just not cut out for drudge work. • +25% Standing Rewards  
Drew Desk Duty It turns out that Red Talon needs clerks, too. Lucky for me.   • +25% Fatigue Severity
Drill Sergeant I trained hundreds of soldiers until they could look death in the eye and watch it blink.    
Drinks Cold Medicine For a while, it’s all I could get. Now I actually kind of like the taste. • Morale bonus from Stills and Bars
• +50 Infection Resistance
Drove a Crappy Car I had this old car in high school that I swear broke down every week.    
Drug Dealer When people ask how I learned so much about pharmaceuticals, I usually don't tell them.    
Drug-Resistant I have to take twice as many pills as anyone else to get the same effect.   • -50% Healing Item Efficacy
Drummer I drummed for a little band on the side. Didn't pay, but I worked up a good sweat every night.    
Early Riser I don't really need as much sleep as other people. I'm ready to go right at the crack of dawn! • +10 Max Stamina  
Easily Bored It's just really hard for me to focus on something when it isn't life or death.   • -66% Wits Experience Rate
Easily Distracted The world is just so full of fascinating things.   • -66% Wits Experience Rate
Eats Like a Bird I don’t know how other people eat so much. I’m full pretty much the moment I sit down. • -50% Food Consumed Per Day  
Electrical Engineer Come to me if you have trouble with the radio. I'm itching to put my skills to some good use.    
Electrician If it plugs into a wall, or if a wall plugs into it, I know how to fix it.    
Empathetic Have you ever read any Butler? I feel like I'm Lauren. If you feel it, then I feel it too. • Avoids getting into conflicts  
EMT During the outbreak, I saved the ones I could, and made sure the ones I couldn't never got up.    
Encouraging A Yes we can! • Can handle -60 morale without frustration
• +3 Morale
Encouraging B Hey, I know you've suffered some setbacks, but I'm with you, no matter what.    
Endurance Cyclist I took a summer off to bike the Alps once. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Energetic I get antsy when I'm sitting down too long. I want to get out and do something! • +10 Max Stamina  
Engineering Student I didn't have my degree yet when it all went down, but I can usually figure things out.    
English Major Man, I thought my degree was useless BEFORE the outbreak. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Lounge  
Entourage Member One of my friends had a brief pop career before the outbreak, and brought me along for the ride.    
Entrepreneur I built myself up from nothing once; I can do it again. • +50% Standing Rewards  
Environmentalist A Well ... at least our carbon footprint is way lower now. • +3 Morale  
Environmentalist B Nothing goes to waste when I'm around.    
Epidemiologist The zombie outbreak works like nothing I've ever seen in nature. It drives me crazy.    
Erratic I just do whatever pops into my head. Don't worry, it's all good stuff, I promise.   • Often the target when conflicts occur
• -33% Standing Rewards
Erratic Driver Sometimes I wake up and realize I've been driving on the shoulder for the last mile.   • Sometimes wastes fuel
• -25% Fuel Efficiency
Ethnobotanist This is the greatest real-world experiment I ever could have devised.    
Ethnomusicologist I came at it from the anthropology side, but I've really gotten into music since then.    
Euthanized Animals It was at an animal shelter. I was one of only a handful of folks willing to do the dirty work.    
Excellent Game Master I had an entire mythology built up that now only survives in my head. • +50% Standing Rewards  
Exiled I tried to change things at my old place, and they kicked me out. Please keep me around. • Can handle -60 morale without frustration • -50% Standing Rewards
Exotic Dancer I've gotten to be really flexible over the years. • Morale bonus from having a Lounge  
Experimented with AI I made an algorithm that was really good at recognizing and reproducing images of ducks.    
Expert Traveler I can fit a full suitcase's worth of stuff in a carry-on bag. • +10 Light Carrying Capacity  
Explosives Engineer I spent years handling controlled demolitions of buildings. I can still do it, if we need to.    
Exterminator Clearing infestations was already my specialty.    
Extremely Competitive Want to race to that tree over there?   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
Extremely Loyal I will do anything to keep my people alive. I really mean it. Anything.    
Exuberant I've got that youthful exuberance that keeps me going all day! • -40% Fatigue Severity
• +20 Max Stamina
Face Painter You want me to put a butterfly on your cheek?    
Facilities Engineer You want to live somewhere long-term, you're going to need an infrastructure. • +15 Max Materials Storage
• +15 Max Fuel Storage
• -25% Facility Action Speed
• Sometimes wastes materials
Factory Manager You need the right people if you want to keep productivity high without making mistakes. • Morale bonus from the Staging Area
• +50% Standing Rewards
Factory Worker I was lucky to have one of the few manufacturing jobs left ... before we lost them all.    
Fanfic Writer I’m secretly shipping half the people in my community.    
Farm Manager My job was to squeeze every last ounce out of our annual yields. • Morale bonus from large-slot Farms  
Farmer I planned to inherit the family farm, but when the hordes arrived, we all had to clear out. • Morale bonus from large-slot Farms  
Farmhand It was long, hot hours, but the skills I learned turned out to be life and death. • Morale bonus from large-slot Farms  
Fast Food Worker The hardest part is working a double shift without the customer knowing how tired you are.    
Fastidious I clean up every mess I see, like it's a compulsion. I think it pays off, though, don't you? • +3 Morale (Community)  
Fears Needles Just of the sight of my skin being broken makes me panic a little.   • -20 Max Health
Feckless I am all out of feck.   • Sometimes wastes medicine
Feels Embarathy Some single-camera sitcoms make me cringe more than a horror movie.    
Fiery Protester I can identify what brand of pepper spray you use from thirty yards away.   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
• Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Fights Defensively Whenever I’m in trouble, I've got this reflex to draw in and defend myself. • -40% Injury Severity
• +30 Max Health
Film Buff I prefer every director's early work. • Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector  
Film Critic I co-hosted a movie podcast with one of my friends. I usually won the Box Office Challenge. • Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector  
Film Director You have to have enough confidence in your vision to lead other people through the worst of it. • +75% Standing Rewards  
Filthy In the nineteenth century, people only bathed like once a year. This is frontier life, man.   • -25 Infection Resistance
• Often the target when conflicts occur
• -33% Standing Rewards
Fire Marshal I can definitely tell you that this entire town is a deathtrap.    
Firearms Enthusiast Your weapon is the only thing between you and certain death. You have to take care of it. • +15 Max Ammo Storage • +2 Noise
• Sometimes wastes ammo
Firefighter We were heavily involved in the rescue effort inside the city before they declared it a loss.    
Firewatch Officer I spent weeks at a time in a remote observation tower, hoping my job stayed boring. • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities  
Fish Noodler I'm used to having monsters taking a bite out of me.    
Fished Professionally We stayed on the boat for as long as we could, before thirst drove us back to land.    
Fitness Boxer I had a heavy bag in my garage, and every night, I'd go a few rounds pretending it was my boss. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Fitness Instructor I taught a spinning clas and hip-hop fitness class at my local gym. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Fixed Refrigerators You wouldn't believe the smells that can acumulate when someone's fridge goes on the fritz.    
Flatulent He who smelt it dealt it.   • Often the target when conflicts occur
• -33% Standing Rewards
Fleet Manager It’s been awhile since I’ve been shoulder-deep in an engine, but I still know my way around.    
Flight Attendant It doesn't take much to make people comfortable, no matter where they come from.    
Flincher I always slammed my eyes shut when my dad threw a ball to me.   • -66% Fighting Experience Rate
Flinches at Noises Firing a gun is just awful for me. I can't seem to get used to the noise.   • -66% Shooting Experience Rate
Flipped Houses I'd buy them, gut them, and fix them up to sell. I did all the demolition work myself.    
Florist I did my share of flower arrangements, but I preferred to work with the potted plants.    
Foam Dart Champion We had these foam dart guns at work, and I would annihilate everyone during lunch.    
Food Allergies I've had to cook special meals my whole life. Especially now that epinephrine is so rare.   • -20 Max Health
Food Borrower We're all friends here, right? What's the big deal if I eat off your plate now and then?   • Sometimes wastes food
• Often the target when conflicts occur
• +50% Food Consumed Per Day
Food Critic The real tragedy here is the lack of a decent chef anywhere on the frontier. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Kitchen • -5 Morale
Food Hoarder I filled cart after cart, blasting through my credit cards, and trucked it all home. • Morale bonus from upgraded Storage  
Food Sharer I'm really not going to eat this. Why don't you have it instead? • -25% Food Consumed Per Day  
Food Torturer I love cooking! I swear, you can never boil anything too long, or add too much salt.   • Sometimes wastes food
• -66% Cooking Experience Rate
Food Truck Owner I left a prestigious position as a chef to make Cuban sandwitches out of a truck. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Kitchen  
Foodie You take pictures of your kids, I take pictures of my food. I don't see what the problem is. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Kitchen  
Foolhardy Come on, what's the worst that could happen?   • Sometimes wastes Medicine
Foot Pain Carrying a lot of weight is a bad idea when your feet are trying to kill you. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Infirmary • -10 Max Carrying Capacity
Football Fan My friends and I used to get painted up for our home team, and go scream at the refs. • Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector  
Football Star I was a local celebrity when I was in high school. People used to call my name on the street.    
Forager I know how to keep the squad going when the supply lines run dry. • +15 Max Food Storage • -1 Labor
• Sometimes wastes medicine
Forensic Scientist I love watching crime shows on TV and blogging about how they get every single thing wrong.    
Forestry Technician I love working outside, with living things, that don't talk back.    
Forgetful Now ... what was your name again?   • -66% Medicine Experience Rate
• -66% Chemistry Experience Rate
• -33% Wits Experience Rate
Forklift Driver The wheels turn differently from a normal car. You've got to relearn everything from scratch.    
Former Activist A I've always had to fight to protect those who couldn't protect themselves.   • Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Former Activist B The world was full of sheep before the outbreak. Filling it with zombies hasn't changed much.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
• Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Former Aquarium Security No one ever tapped on the glass while I was on duty.    
Former Billionaire I sold my app-developement startup for ten figures, back when money was a thing.   • -25% Standing Rewards
Former Bodybuilder You won't see me flexing on a stage anytime soon. These days, it's all about raw strength. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Former Burglar I was the worst burglar, and I knew I was bound to get caught. So I quit while I was ahead.    
Former Drill Instructor The soldiers I trained didn't break, even against crashing waves of undead.    
Former Gang Member I volunteer a lot in my old neighborhood, trying to help troubled kids do better than I did. • Avoids getting into conflicts  
Former Goth Yeah, it was cool back then. No really, it was.    
Former Homeowner A I still get emotional when I think about all the equity we used to have.    
Former Homeowner B Owning your own home is a full-time job. Or at least a life-consuming hobby.    
Former Inmate Yeah, I did some time. It wasn't a lot, but it leaves a scar on your life, all the same.    
Former Lieutenant My platoon was called in stateside to defend supply shipments. We got stranded, and here I am.    
Former Lifeguard I ended up enforcing the rules about running and peeing more than I saved lives.    
Former Metalhead My old jacket would set off metal detectors in the next room.    
Former Model I mostly modeled for local ads, but I looked great, I had an agent, and I was going somewhere.    
Former Pacifist Being a pacifist was a privilege I had in the old world, and I miss it. • Avoids getting into conflicts  
Former Raider We used to think it was fair to just take what we needed, when so much had been taken from us.   • Keep their morale 10+ to avoid conflicts
Former Rock Star I'm kind of a big deal.    
Former Shut-In I spent years inside my own house. Family members brought me all my groceries.    
Former Squad Leader At my last posting, I ran the place. I'm a fucking people person. • +10% Standing Rewards  
Fortified Home I spent three weeks barricading my home. It kept the zombies out ... for a while at least.    
Forum Admin Sometimes I really start to miss the power of my banhammer.    
Foster Parent The only way you survive raising as many kids as I did is by learning how to keep 'em all clean.    
Fought in the Pits A I thought for sure I'd be dead after one fight, but I managed to win my freedom.    
Fought in the Pits B I don't really talk about my time in the fighting pits. I'm lucky I got out alive.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
Freelance Consultant Half my job was getting the next job. I made them feel like they couldn't live without me. • +50% Standing Rewards  
Freerunner I took classes because it looked cool. I had no idea these skills would save my life.    
Frequent Anxiety Sometimes I feel like my heart is just going to beat out of my chest, and I don't know why.   • -5 Morale
Fresh-Faced I missed the worst times, and I think you can see it in my face. I haven't been hardened yet. • +4 Morale  
Friendly I really like everybody here. I don't know, we just really seem to get along. • Can handle -60 morale without frustration
• +50% Standing Rewards
From a Big Family Our reunions always required large outdoor spaces.    
From a Fishing Town I spent the last several years on the coast of Maine, where fishing is just a way of life. • +10 Max Stamina  
From a Military Family Both my grandfathers and my parents were in the Army. Of course I enlisted.    
From a Rural Area Where I'm from, you're so far away from everyone else, you have to be able to fend for yourself. • +30 Max Stamina  
From an Armored Unit Pacifying the frontier is a lot easier with an inch of steel between you and the zombies. • +15 Max Fuel Storage
• -1 Labor
• Sometimes wastes fuel
From the Great Lakes Everyone in my town fishes. When they're not ice skating. • +10 Max Stamina  
Frontier Con Artist I've claimed to be a doctor, but it always ended badly. I should just admit what I'm good at.    
Frontier Deejay I holed up at a radio station and ran a decent show ... until the backup generator keeled over.    
Frontier Prospector Imagine a town with no zombies, and full cabinets in every house. I'll find it one day.    
Frontier Runner I used to run a route keeping enclaves in contact with each other. Then they got radios.    
Frontier Scout Last time I returned from a scouting run, my people were gone. No trace.    
Frontier Sniper I had a community a while back that stationed me on a high rooftop, covering the only way in.    
Front Line Experience I've been on the real frontier. It's a constant siege, day in and day out. • -40% Fatigue Severity  
Frustrated If this community doesn't make me feel safe and wanted, why am I here?   • -25 Morale
Fry Cook No, I don’t understand all that fifties diner-speak. I can read a ticket, though.    
Fugitive I was on the run from the police ... when suddenly, there were no police. And no crimes.    
Funeral Home Director We had a really bad time on the day of the outbreak. I think you can imagine.    
Funny People tell me I'm funny, but it's really the world that's hilarious. I just point it out. • +4 Morale  
Furniture Adjuster The company sent me out to all the biggest clients to adjust chairs and desks for ergonomics. • +3 Morale (Community)  
Furniture Restorer It started with my mom's old rocking chair where she used to sing to me as a baby. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Fussy Look, there's a right way to do things, and then there's the way you're doing them.   • Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
• Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
• -3 Morale
• -33% Wits Experience Rate
Game Designer Most important job, ever.    
Gardener I worked for a management company that ran several thousand-acre estates. • Morale bonus from having a Garden  
Gas Hoarder The moment I heard about the outbreak, I filled up every container I had. • Morale bonus from upgraded Storage  
Gas Station Attendant I've seen enough busted cars in my day to at least point you in the right direction.    
Gave to Every Panhandler I just couldn't tell somebody, "I deserve this money more than you do."    
General Practitioner I shared a practice with one of my college friends. I hope she's all right, I lost track.    
Generator Technician I worked with hospitals to make sure when the lights went out, their emergency power stayed up.    
Generous No, you can have the whole can of potted meat food product. I'm fine. • +25% Standing Rewards  
Geneticist I've heard a million theories about how zombies actually work, and they all suck.    
Geo Systems Engineer I wrote a software for geolocation systems, deciphering whatever data we pulled out of the sky.    
Geocacher It was the world’s best game, before all the GPS satellites got out of alignment. • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities  
Geologist Why couldn't it have been a volcano? I was ready for a volcano!    
Germophobe A There's really no such thing as "too clean" when it comes to personal hygiene.   • Often the target when conflicts occur
Germophobe B The loss of running water was one of the worst things that ever happened to me. • +50 Infection Resistance • Often the target when conflicts occur
Getaway Driver I never got my face on the security cameras, never left a fingerprint, so I stayed out of jail.    
Gets Carsick I've tried everything. I'd rather spend all day walking than get in a car.   • -50% Fuel Efficiency
Gets Migraines I spent way too much of my life in terrible, pointless agony. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Infirmary • -30 Max Health
Gets Rashes I always get rashes under my backpack straps if I let myself sweat too much. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Infirmary • -10 Max Carrying Capacity
Ghost Writer I may not be famous, but I'm quick.    
Glazier I wish we had some of the bulletproof, UV-resistant glass I used to work with. • Morale bonus from the Forge  
Glutton Rationing is just depressing. How can we call this living, if we aren't even eating? • Morale bonus from an upgraded Kitchen • Sometimes wastes food
• +50% Food Consumed Per Day
Goes by Last Name My friends always called me by my last name, and it sort of stuck throughout my life.    
Golden Eagle Marksman Most of the shooters I know earned the same badge. The ones who didn't aren't with us anymore. • +20 Max Stamina  
Golf Caddy I got to the point where I didn't even notice the weight of the clubs anymore.    
Golfer I never went pro, but I knew I could hold my own at a casual business meeting.    
Good Arm I could always throw further and hit harder than the other kids in school.    
Good Habits I've learned a lot of good habits since the outbreak, most involving disinfectant. • +50 Infection Resistance  
Good Listener How does that make you feel? • +25% Standing Rewards  
Good Posture I can walk all day with a book balanced on my head. • +5 Max Carrying Capacity  
Goofball I don't get a whole lot of work done, but I think people still sort of like having me around. • +3 Morale (Community) • -1 Labor
• Often the target when conflicts occur
Got Beaten Up I was a small kid at a tough school, so I've definitely taken my share of hits. • Avoids getting into conflicts  
Got Fired a Lot People thought I was lazy, but the truth is, I just did't care.   • -1 Labor
• Often the target when conflicts occur
Got into Bar Fights I can get a little silly when I drink, and that’s landed me in more than one drunken brawl. • Morale bonus from Stills and Bars • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
Gracious There's no cost to saying "thank you" when someone helps you out. • +3 Morale (Community)  
Great Cook People tell me they love my cooking. I don't know what the deal is, I just make it up as I go. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Kitchen  
Greedy One for you, two for me. One for you, three for me.   • -10% Standing Rewards
Green Thumb For some reason, plants grow like kudzu around me. I might have superpowers. • Morale bonus from having a Garden
• +50% Gardening Experience Rate
Grew Tomatoes You say tomato, I say crap-ton of work, followed by disappointment. • Morale bonus from having a Garden  
Grew Up Around Cars In my neighborhood, every driveway had some old beater that the owner was fixing up. • Morale bonus from an Auto Shop  
Grew Up in Suburbia It was the height of human achievement. A place where people could survive with zero skills.   • -10 Max Stamina
Grew Up on a Farm My daily chores determined if my family was going to make ends meet that year. • Morale bonus from large-slot Farms  
Grew Up Poor I grew up in a town with a few thousand people, and only a few hundred jobs.    
Grognard I know every detail of both World Wars, and exactly what the losers could have done to win.    
Groundskeeper It was a huge job if I took on every task I could think of. But that's how I like to work.    
Guidance Counselor My job was to help high school students figure out their futures. Did not see this coming. • Avoids getting into conflicts  
Guilt-Motivated You don't need to tell me what I've done wrong. I'm perfectly capable of torturing myself.   • Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Guitarist I did a lot of guitar work on movie soundtracks, and played in a couple of local cover bands.    
Gullible I like to think of myself as honest to a fault.   • -33% Wits Experience Rate
Gun Dealer I went to gun shows all over the country, selling all kinds of weapons.    
Gun Spinner I used to entertain audiences at a wild west show with my gun-spinning shenannigans. • Morale bonus from Shooting training facilities  
Gunsmith I manufactured custom versions of classic weapons for serious enthusiasts.    
Gym Rat Go ahead and call me names. When the zombies showed up, I was pumped and ready to go. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Gymnast There's nowhere for me to compete anymore, but this new world gives me plenty of training.    
Gynecologist Women's health was more than a career for me.    
Habitual Volunteer I'm always the first to raise my hand when we need volunteers. Everything sounds fun!    
Had a Beloved Aunt She helped me to become the person I am today.    
Had a Chemistry Set I needed a new chemistry set every year as a kid, as I burned through all the experiments.    
Had a Close Cousin It was like having a sister, without having to share a bedroom.    
Had a Flower Garden I kept a few flowers along my driveway, and next to the porch. Bees kept salesmen away. • Morale bonus from having a Garden  
Had a Garage Band It never got very far after high school, but man, did we use to ROCK.    
Had a Gorgeous Backyard We had a winding path between terraces of different floral displays. There was even a gazebo. • Morale bonus from having a Garden  
Had a Loud Neighbor If you put enough padding on the wall, it drowns out most of the shouting.    
Had a Paper Route I used to have a paper route as a kid. Every morning, up and biking at the crack of dawn.    
Had a Retirement Fund I started investing in my twenties, so that by the time I hit fifty, I'd be set for life.    
Had a Scholarship All the work I put into getting that scholarship. Wasted.    
Had a Son You never truly get over the loss of a child. You just get by.    
Had a Troubled Youth I didn't raise a little hell. I raised ALL the hell.    
Had Alcohol Issues I'm not saying I had a problem ... but some folks probably did.    
Had an Absent Father People ask me if I miss him, but screw that guy.    
Had an Electric Fence I actually rigged up an electric fence once. I can't feel my hands, but it was pretty cool.    
Had an Herb Garden Once I filled all my window beds. I never had to go to the spice section again. • Morale bonus from having a Garden  
Had Knee Replaced One of my knees was just destroyed. It took multiple surgeries just to get back to limping. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Infirmary • -66% Cardio Experience Rate
Had LAN Parties Every month, my friends brought their Xboxes to my house for some local eight-player Gears.    
Had Older Brothers Growing up, dinnertime was like a feeding frenzy.    
Had Weapons Training My first group included this combat enthusiast who trained us with weapons every single day.    
Halitosis My breath is fine. See? Smell it. Where are you going?   • Often the target when conflicts occur
• -33% Standing Rewards
Hall Monitor I volunteered at my kid's school as a hall monitor. It was nice to be there when they needed me.    
Halo Champion I know it’s not real combat, but you do learn something about tactics and teamwork.    
HAM Radio Operator I used to stay up late at night, scanning the airwaves for distant voices.    
Hand Model It's hard to learn to fight when you think of your own hands like they're made out of glass.   • -66% Shooting Experience Rate
• -66% Fighting Experience Rate
Handy I'm good at figuring out what's wrong when something is dripping or sparking. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Hang Glider You gotta haul everything up onto a cliff, and then stay aloft all the way down.    
Hard as Nails I sometimes like to do risky or painful things, just to test my limits. • -40% Injury Severity
• +30 Max Health
Hard Driving I don't believe in limits. Why go around something when you can go through it? • +50% Vehicle Endurance  
Hard to Kill I've picked myself up after fights that left dozens of people dead. • -40% Injury Severity
• +45 Max Health
Hardcore Prepper They called me paranoid, but here I am, alive, well-equipped, and vindicated. • Morale bonus from the Armory  
Hardy My body can take a bit more punishment than most people's. • -30% Injury Severity
• +10 Max Health
Has a Lead Foot I've always dreamed about a world without speed limits.   • Sometimes wastes fuel
• -33% Fuel Efficiency
Has a Pain Disorder I've been getting these weird aches and pains for years. Maybe it's psychosomatic, but why? • Morale bonus from an upgraded Infirmary • -10 Max Health
Has a Routine Out here, you need to make rules and habits, and turn the chaos into something you control.    
Has Allergies Maybe the zombies are trying to kill you, but the trees and flowers are trying to kill me.   • -20 Max Stamina
Has an Old Work Injury I hurt my back falling from a billboard a couple of years ago.   • -15 Max Carrying Capacity
• -5 Light Carrying Capacity
• -20 Max Health
Has Astigmatism Once I lost my contacts, that was it for my eyesight.   • -66% Shooting Experience Rate
Has Cataracts They're not so bad I can't get around, but I'm not going to get any better at hitting a target.   • -75% Shooting Experience Rate
Has Chronic Pain This pain has been with me since before the outbreak. My doctor wasn't even sure what to do. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Infirmary • -20 Max Health
Has Fibromyalgia The constant aching always leaves me in a bad place when it comes to defending myself. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Infirmary • -30 Max Health
Has Nightmares A I had really bad dreams even back when life was normal. I keep hoping this is just one of them.    
Has Nightmares B I had really bad dreams even back when life was normal. I keep hoping this is just one of them.   • -20 Max Stamina
• +33% Fatigue Severity
Has Rough Hands I’ve got hard-earned callouses that make it easier for me to climb and fight without a break. • +20 Max Stamina
• +10 Max Health
Has Seen It All You don't want to ask about my life out here. There is nothing I haven't seen ... or done.    
Has Severe Allergies Pretty much every season puts something in the air that makes it impossible for me to breathe.   • -30 Max Stamina
Has Shaky Hands I just can't seem to keep my aim steady. Starting to wonder if this is a medical problem.   • Sometimes wastes ammo
• -66% Shooting Experience Rate
Has Traumatic Flashbacks I have these horrible reactions that remind me of the outbreak. I really can't talk about it.   • -7 Morale
Hated Camping My idea of camping is a hotel without room service. Sleeping on the ground is not an option.    
Hated Thanksgiving I'm thankful we don't have time for ridiculous holidays anymore. • +3 Morale  
Hated the Boss I've never gotten along well with authority figures. Aside from me, of course.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
• Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Hates Exercise I don't know how people can exercise for hours every day. It's like being in a hamster wheel. • Morale bonus from luxury bed facilities • -66% Cardio Experience Rate
Hates Horror Movies I spent my life avoiding gross or shocking movies, and now I'm living in one.   • -5 Morale
Hates Shiny Food Something about the way some foods glisten makes me feel sick. • -25% Food Consumed Per Day  
Hates to be Alone I don't get along all that well with myself.    
Hates Trespassers My home is my castle. If you stop by, you'd better have an invitation.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
Having Midlife Crisis I wasted my twenties, and bam, they were gone. Well, I'm having my adventures now, dammit.    
Hearse Driver I thought someone was pranking me when I heard clawing and knocking in the back of my hearse ...    
Heart Problems It's not that I can't run. I just have to pace myself if I don't want to give myself a coronary. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Infirmary • -66% Cardio Experience Rate
Heavy Hitter I wasn't always the best fighter, but when I hit somebody, they felt it. • +25% Fighting Experience Rate  
Held the Line We held the perimeter of our town against the horde for weeks before we ran out of ammo.    
Helpful to a Fault When someone is in trouble, I volunteer almost by reflex. Whether it's a good idea or not.   • Often the target when conflicts occur
Hemp Enthusiast I'm not exactly sure how you grow hemp, but I can tell you 1,273 things you can do with it. • Morale bonus from gardens that grow Meds • Sometimes wastes medicine
Hero Complex Look, somebody has to step in and make things right. Why can't it be me?   • Often the target when conflicts occur
Hesitant I've lost too much already. I'm not about to risk what I have left on somebody's whim.    
Hesitates in Combat They say I need to put my whole heart into fighting zombies ... but they look like people.   • -66% Fighting Experience Rate
Hibachi Cook You should see me catch a shrimp in my pocket.    
High Lung Capacity My coach said I was a born swimmer. Really good lung capacity, apparently. • +20 Max Stamina  
High Metabolism I can really put it away at the dinner table, but I put all that energy to good use. • +20 Max Stamina • Sometimes wastes food
• +50% Food Consumed Per Day
High Pain Threshold "I want you to hit me as hard as you can." • +30 Max Health
• +50% Fighting Experience Rate
High School Athlete I kind of did everything in high school. Every sport, that is. My parents got sick of driving. • +20 Max Stamina  
High School Mascot It's like playing the game, but in a big hot suit, with no respect. Never did anything harder.    
High School Principal Those kids all ran me ragged. It wasn't their fault we were chronically understaffed. • +1 Labor  
High School Teacher The pay was lousy and the hours were terrible, but ... yeah, that's how it was.    
Highly Responsible I can't stand to see something slip around here. If there's a job that needs doing, I jump in. • +1 Labor
• +25% Standing Rewards
Highway Patrol I never knew what kind of people I was going to pull over. I had to be ready for anything.    
Hiker There used to be nothing better than being alone in the woods. • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities  
Hit the Range With the amount of money I spent on ammo, you'd think I should have owned the place. • Morale bonus from Shooting training facilities  
Hits First, Hits Hard I used to carry a sledgehammer. If your first hit is hard enough, you don't need a second.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
Hoarder I couldn't hold down a relationship because no one else could fit in my house. • Morale Bonus from upgraded Storage • -1 Beds
• Often the target when conflicts occur
Hoards Things People will hurt you and leave you behind, but stuff sticks around forever. • +10 Materials Storage  
Holding Out Hope The government airdropped supplies that kept us going for months! We know they're coming back. • +4 Morale  
Holed Up at a Farm We spent our first winter holed up in a barn. That spring, we even tried to plant something. • Morale bonus from large-slot Farms  
Homebody I don't need to go out scavenging if you'd rather go. There's plenty for me to do here.    
Homebrewer There’s a special kind of talent that goes into brewing a really good beer. • Morale bonus from Stills and Bars
• +25% Chemistry Experience Rate
Homemaker I was the one to gave up a career to take care of the kids. I hope they're all right.    
Homeopath Don't trust the establishment. All they want to do is profit from your disease, not cure it.   • -75% Medicine Experience Rate
Hong Kong Cinema Fan I've seen every fighting style that exists. Plus a few that don't. • Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector  
Hopeful I don't know, I just have this feeling that things are going to be all right. • +6 Morale  
Hopeless Romantic My first instinct is always to go for the grand gesture.    
Horse Jockey Everybody thinks the horse is doing all the work.    
Horse Surgeon I may not be the doctor you asked for, but I'm the doctor you've got.    
Hospice Nurse I'm sort of accustomed to death and disease. But can you ever really get used to it?    
Hospital Admin I'm not a doctor, but I worked in a hospital for years, and I know everything that can go wrong.    
Hostler It takes work to get the right train onto the right track, facing the right direction.    
Hotelier After managing a three-hundred-room hotel, I think our little community is a piece of cake.    
Hothead I can't stand there cooling my heels when shit is going down.   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
House Had Black Mold It was just once, but ever since I can't help but wash everything twice.    
Huge Jerk If I wanted your opinion, I'd give it to you.   • Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
• Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
• -7 Morale (Community)
• -66% Standing Rewards
Huge Savings Account I used to put away a third of every paycheck. I figured I'd have cash for my retirement. Sigh.    
Human Potato I'm soft, and I just sort of sat around most of my life. What else would you call that? • Morale bonus from luxury bed facilities • -66% Cardio Experience Rate
• Often the target when conflicts occur
• -66% Fighting Experience Rate
Human Resources If I'm doing my job right, the whole place runs smoothly, and no one knows I'm there. • Avoids getting into conflicts • -50% Standing Rewards
Hunting Trips My family went on week-long hunting trips. I've known my way around a rifle since I was five. • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities  
HVAC Repair The systems I worked on were a dumpster fire. I'm almost glad the zombies put an end to it. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Hydraulics Technician If it's fluid moving through a tube, I can probably make it work the way you want it to.    
Hyper-Partisan There were people in this country who were bringing us all down, with or without the zombies.   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
Hyper-Prepared I never go outside without a week's worth of gear.    
Hypochondriac Oh my god, oh my god, it's bleeding, I'm gonna die! • Morale bonus from an upgraded Infirmary • Sometimes wastes medicine
• Often the target when conflicts occur
• +25% Injury Severity
Ice Road Trucker I've nearly died multiple times, just doing my normal job. I'm right at home in this world. • -40% Fatigue Severity  
Idealist Look, we finally have a chance to get things right!   • Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Idyllic Childhood It took me a long time to realize most folks didn't have it as good as I did.    
Immature You know what else is immature? Your butt.   • -66% Wits Experience Rate
• -33% Standing Rewards
Immortal Nothing can kill me, man. The world has tried, and the world has failed. Bring it, baby! • -40% Injury Severity
• +45 Max Health
Impostor Syndrome I don't even know why I survived, it doesn't make sense. Nobody should listen to me, seriously.   • -50% Standing Rewards
In Mourning I got my family out alive, then lost them one by one as we picked our way across the country.   • -7 Morale
In Recovery I’m still counting my days of sobriety. It’s the only calendar that matters anymore.   • Morale penalty from Stills and Bars
In the Peace Corps I hope my experience will be as valuable to our new life as other folk's military training.    
In Witness Protection Starting over is usually better than dying.    
In-Home Caregiver I'm trained in CPR, but my day-to-day involved a lot of lifting people into and out of bed.    
Inattentive Cook Look, everybody sets fire to the kitchen once in a while, right?   • Sometimes wastes food
• -66% Cooking Experience Rate
Incompetent People keep taking jobs away from me. It's like they don't trust me to do anything right.   • Often the target when conflicts occur
• -1 Labor
• -50% Standing Rewards
Incredible Immune System When everyone else was down with the flu, I always felt great. Can't really explain it. • +100 Infection Resistance  
Indefatigable I'm always the last one to get worn out after a hard day out in the field. • -40% Fatigue Severity
• +30 Max Stamina
Indie App Developer I made a good living making tiny games and weird joe apps out of my basement.    
Infectious Energy Friends called me enthusiastic. Other people called me obnoxious. Whatever, they're all dead. • +15% Influence Gained
• +50% Facility Action Speed
Inside Person Go ahead and work out under your deadly sky orb. I'm happy in my screen-lit room.   • -66% Fighting Experience Rate
• -33% Cardio Experience Rate
Insomniac I just can't seem to get to sleep at night. Am I afraid I won't wake up? • Morale bonus from luxury bed facilities • -20 Max Stamina
• +33% Fatigue Severity
Inspired by Courage I draw my own bravery from the examples of others.    
Installed Sprinklers I used to work in LA. The scarcer the water supply, the more people dump it into their lawn.    
Insular Can't we just move somewhere totally remote? Away from all these ... people?   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
Interior Designer We're going to make this place livable if it kills me.    
Internet Troll U MAD BRO?   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
Into Boxing I had a punching bag in my garage. It's a great way to let off steam.    
Into Cheesy Movies And the sappier, the better. • Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector  
Into Fly Fishing My waders ended up being useful, but I don't like to think about how.    
Into Gardening Shows I watched "Gardening with Calliope" every day before the outbreak. • Morale bonus from having a Garden  
Into Model Trains My family only really complained when I cut the tunnel from the garage into the dining room.    
Into Nostalgia All the best stuff was made before I was born.    
Into Roller Derby It's way more than just "roller skating in a circle." Trust me.    
Into Ultimate Frisbee It's great because you don't have to be good at it to have fun. Unless you're me. Then you do.    
Into Weaving I learned how to make cloth the old-fashioned way, just because I was curious.    
Invents Things for Fun I learned at an early age that nothing was more fun than making stuff with my own two hands.    
Irresponsible Look it's not my fault my job didn't get done! You guys didn't remind me!   • -33% Standing Rewards
• Often the target when conflicts occur
Irritable Do not talk to me early in the morning. Or before bed. Or in between.   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
• -3 Morale
• Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Island Survivor Once I lasted three years alone on an island. In comparison, this life is better.    
IT Worker Have you tried turning it off and on again?    
Itchy Trigger Finger I once fired a couple of rounds into my holster before I even got the gun out.   • Sometimes wastes ammo
• -33% Shooting Experience Rate
Janitor I was the only janitor at an underfunded government building. I learned a lot of different jobs.    
Jeweler I created custom jewelery for fashion shows and celebrity appearances. • Morale bonus from the Forge  
Jogger I used to have to run every day to burn off my food. Now, it's kind of the opposite. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Joint Problems It seems like the slightest physical effort leaves me practically immobile. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Infirmary • -75% Cardio Experience
Judge I'm great at banging a gavel. Wish I'd brought a bigger one ...    
Juggler I juggle mostly to increase my manual dexterity. Makes you better at pretty much everything. • +25% Fighting Experience Rate
• +25% Shooting Experience Rate
• +25% Cardio Experience Rate
Junkyard Worker I drove the bulldozer that cleared the intake zone so that folks could dump more garbage.    
Jury-Rigger Traveling after the apocalypse meant figuring out a lot of things I never knew about machines. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop • Sometimes wastes materials
Just Keeps Going I was on the run with a large group for weeks, and I'm the only one who never slowed down. • -40% Fatigue Severity
• +45 Max Stamina
K9 Officer That dog was the best partner I ever had.    
Katana Barber When you get into a crowded field like hairdressing, you need a solid gimmick.    
Keeps a Steady Pace I'm pretty good at pacing myself, putting in just enough effort to keep going for a long time.    
Keeps Hidden Pouches Since I’ve been on the run, I’ve learned to modify my clothes to store things close to my body. • +10 Light Carrying Capacity
• +10 Max Carrying Capacity
• +1 Max Item Stack
Kendo Instructor I taught that martial arts were about discipline, not fighting. And now I lop heads off. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Kept a Vigil My friend was dying of something real slow. I stayed with him till the bitter end.    
Kept Smartphone People make fun of me … but all my family pictures are on here. I can’t just toss it out.    
Kind Eyes What about my eyes? Do they look weird? Stop looking at me! • +25% Standing Rewards  
Kind of an Idiot We should all split up. We'll cover more ground that way.   • Sometimes wastes materials
• -66% Wits Experience Rate
Kleptomaniac This is the apocalypse. Sometimes things go missing. Why does everyone blame me?   • -7 Morale (Community)
• Often the target when conflicts occur
Knife Fighter All I carried for a while was a knife. Soup cans and eye sockets didn't stand a chance.    
Knife Thrower I once nearly killed myself throwing a knife at a tree. Somehow, that didn't stop me.    
Knitter I always have something to do with my hands, and I never run out of scarves.    
Lab Technician My name may not be on the patents, but those centrifuges aren't going to spin themselves.    
Lacks Boundaries You don't want a hug, or a backrub? How am I supposed to say hi, then? A pat on the butt?   • Often the target when conflicts occur
• -5 Morale (Community)
• -33% Standing Rewards
Landscape Architect It's like being an artist, but my medium is alive and has a mind of its own.    
Landscaper If you can grow it, I can cut it down, and vice-versa.    
Lapsed Catholic I would do Christmas and Easter with my family sometimes, but otherwise ...    
LARPer Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!    
Laughs Easily I’m always the first one eliminated from “don’t laugh” challenges. • +4 Morale  
Lawyer If you want to rebuild a new society, you’ll need someone who knew how the previous one worked.    
Lazy No job, no family, nobody to hassle me. This is good life. • Morale bonus from luxury bed facilities • -66% Cardio Experience Rate
• Often the target when conflicts occur
• -1 Labor
• -50% Standing Rewards
Leads from Behind The best leaders are the ones that let other people think they’re in charge.   • -33% Standing Rewards
Learned about Lichen Not just lichen, but mushrooms and other organisms we can use for medication.    
Learned Better Hygiene Without a steady supply of antibiotics, cleanliness is our most powerful tool against infection.    
Learned Chemistry I’ve been studying chemistry since the outbreak. Real practical stuff, about soap and charcoal.    
Learned Computing I don't know if we'll ever have tech industry again, but I've been reading up on what's left.    
Learned Craftsmanship I wasn't very handy before the outbreak, but I've read a ton of DIY books since.    
Learned Mechanics I've been going through repair manuals for cars and appliances, picking up everything I can.    
Learned Medicine Now that death is around ever corner, I've started reading up on first aid and CPR.    
Learned Scrum I've been reading old books on productivity in business, and a lot of it still applies.    
Learned Sleep Psychology This may sound demented, but I never appreciated the value of a good night's sleep until now.    
Learned Soundproofing Who'd have thought our best defense against zombie attacks would be foam rubber?    
Learned to Cook I've read a stack of cookbooks since the outbreak. I think I may just know what I'm doing.    
Learned to Drive I've been practicing my driving skills, so I can travel to distant and dangerous places safely.    
Learned to Fish I got tired of the same old cans of beans, so I've taught myself another way to get food.    
Learned to Garden I read everything I could about gardening after the outbreak, hoping I could put it to use.    
Learned to Recycle The trendy books call it upcycling, but that's just a fancy word for "don't throw it away yet".    
Learned to Sew These days, a stitch in time can save a life.    
Learned to Shop Ironic that it took the end of our consumer economy for me to pick this up.    
Learned Utilities I've been reading books on plumbing and electrical work, in case we ever need to fix something.    
Lecturer After my book came out, I spent a few years on the lecture circuit.    
Led a Quiet Life People told me I should get out more, but why? What could be better than a quiet night at home?    
Left for Dead My so-called "friends" left me behind to die, but I clung to life and proved I didn't need them! • +30 Max Health
• +10 Max Stamina
• Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Left Someone Behind You don't understand. Sometimes the weak have to fall behind to give the strong a chance.    
Librarian Shh. • -1 Noise  
Licensed Birth Coach After I helped deliver my sister's baby, I realized I wanted to be a part of that moment again.    
Lichenologist I studied lichen. So I know about lichen.    
Lies About Age A I usually tell people I'm in my late twenties. They take me more seriously that way. • +25% Standing Rewards  
Lies About Age B I usually tell people I'm in my forties. Otherwise, they treat me like I'm fragile. • +25% Standing Rewards  
Lies About Age C I started doing it on this dating site when I turned thirty, and now it's just a dumb habit. • +25% Standing Rewards  
Likes Army Fatigues No, I was never in the army. I just really like khaki.    
Likes Fishing I might be able to catch us some food, if we can find any water that isn't full of corpses.    
Likes to Fight You wanna go a few rounds? • +50% Fighting Experience Rate • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
Likes to Take Things It isn't stealing if you're doing it for fun.   • Often the target when conflicts occur
Line Cook Yup, that's right, I cooked lines. Sweet, delicious lines. Now eat your stew.    
Lived Among Celebrities I grew up in a town where everybody thought they were going to be famous. • +25% Standing Rewards  
Lived at a High Altitude I don't know why you're out of breath. I used to get by on way less oxygen. • +30 Max Stamina  
Lived by a Code Everybody needs a set of rules to live by. Otherwise we're just animals.    
Lived by the Sword I found this really nice katana sticking out of a zombie skull by the side of the road one time.    
Lived Downtown I didn't even have a car for years. I walked or ran everywhere I needed to go.    
Lived in a Bunker I spent the first few months of the outbreak in a bunker I built under my house.    
Lived in Squalor A My last group never cleaned. It was amazing. I'm never cleaning anything again.   • Often the target when conflicts occur
• -25 Infection Resistance
Lived in Squalor B My last group never cleaned anything. We lived in filth. I swore to myself, never again. • +50 Infection Resistance  
Lived in the Desert Where I come from, ninety degrees is a brisk spring morning. • +20 Max Stamina  
Lived on a Rooftop The outbreak stranded me on the roof of my downtown condo, scavenging from the upper stories.    
Lived on Spoiled Food We had to eat the stuff they left behind at the grocery store. I got so sick. Never again. • -25% Food Consumed Per Day  
Lived on the Bayou I'm used to being bitten all the time, just from the mosquitos. You build up a tolerance. • +10 Max Health  
Lived on the Road I kept everything with me in an old shopping cart, and just stayed on the road.    
Lived Out of a Car I had to choose between rent money and tuition money, so I chose tuition money.    
Lives on Pasta If you’re going to eat one thing in the zombie apocalypse, eat something dry that lasts forever. • -25% Food Consumed Per Day  
Local Computer Expert Every time I was invited over for dinner, I knew they wanted me to fix something.    
Locksmith I helped a lot of folks get into their houses and cars. Now I'm trying to get in there myself.    
Lone Survivor This Valley killed everyone else in my unit. I owe it to their memory to keep fighting. • +20 Max Health  
Longsuffering Martyr I'm always up late doing other people's work for them, and what do any of them do for me? • +1 Labor • -3 Morale
• Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
Loose Cannon Cop People told me being a cop wasn't like it is on TV. But for me, it pretty much was.    
Looter First thing I did after the outbreak was raid the corner store. I looted before it was cool.    
Lost a Brother Sometimes, it still feels like I'm missing a part of my soul.   • -3 Morale
Lost a Sister She wasn't just a sibling, she was part of me.   • -3 Morale
Lost Family My family was everything to me. And now they're gone.   • -3 Morale
Lost Father In a lot of ways, I'm still trying to live up to his example.   • -3 Morale
Lost Security Blanket I know it was a crutch, but I haven't really been able to sleep since I lost it to a horde.   • -25% Standing Rewards
• -20 Max Stamina
Lost Wife There was a time when life was worth living. Somehow I keep going.   • -3 Morale
Loved Being Single Dating just always seemed more fun to me than settling down.    
Loved Camping Compared to my typical weekends, this life isn't so different. • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities  
Loved Fast Food The greasier, the better.    
Loved Going to Movies A I'd watch pretty much anything on the big screen. • Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector  
Loved Riding Bikes When you're a kid, a good bike means freedom.    
Loved Scary Movies I remember when it was fun to be scared. • Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector  
Loved School For those few hours every day, the world made sense.    
Loved to Dance I'm not saying I'm great. I just like moving to the music. • Morale bonus from having a Lounge  
Loved to Hunt I wasn't necessarily the best shooter, but I loved my time out in the woods with friends.    
Loves Baking A I didn’t say I was good at it. But I could rock a sheet of break-and-bake cookies!    
Loves Baking B Strangers sometimes knocked on my door just to find out what smelled so good. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Kitchen
• +100% Cooking Experience Rate
Loves Canning Food just tastes better if you canned it yourself. • +50% Cooking Experience Rate  
Loves Cars It's not that I like cars more than people. No, wait, it's just like that. • Morale bonus from the Auto Shop  
Loves Fireworks Remember when we blew stuff up just for entertainment?   • Sometimes wastes ammo
Loves Jigsaw Puzzles My family was so into jigsaw puzzles, we would even frame them on the walls.    
Loves Spicy Food I had to learn to cook, because no restaurants in America make my food as hot as I want it. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Kitchen
• +10 Max Stamina
Loves the Outdoors If I didn't need walls to keep the zombies out, I'd be living in the woods right now. • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities  
Loves to be Scared You're never more alive than when you're absolutely terrified. • +3 Morale  
Loves to Drive I live for the open road.   • Sometimes wastes fuel
Loves to Explore I walked a different way home every day, and found my way onto every rooftop.    
Loves to Mentor There's a certain kind of closeness you can only get when you're teaching someone else a skill. • +33% Experience Rate  
Loves to Sing Get me next to a piano, and I can go all night. Show tunes, anybody? • +5 Max Stamina  
Low Metabolism I'm kind of a low-energy sort of person, but hey, at least I don't eat a ton. • -25% Food Consumed Per Day • -20 Max Stamina
Low Pain Treshold How do you people keep getting up? Just a couple hits, and I'm down for the count.   • -30 Max Health
• -66% Fighting Experience Rate
Lumberjack I spent my career climbing trees and chopping them down.    
Lung Cancer Survivor The cancer is gone, but the damage to my lungs was permanent. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Infirmary • -75% Cardio Experience Rate
• -45 Max Stamina
Lurker I tend to pick a spot and just hole up there. Let the enemy come to me.   • -66% Cardio Experience Rate
Machiavellian It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
Machinist The work I do takes a lot of effort and understanding. I want to make sure it isn't lost. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Made an Indie Game The game has this tiny, loyal community, and it's my favorite thing I've ever done.    
Made Cosplay Swords Anyone looking for a vorpal blade? • Morale bonus from the Forge  
Made Her Own Way I didn't have a father. Barely had a mother. What I learned came the hard way. • +20 Max Health  
Made Science Videos I ran an educational video channel online, where I'd feature crazy science demonstrations.    
Magician You never quite know what I might pull out of my sleeve.    
Magnanimous It's not tipping I believe in. It's overtipping.    
Mail Carrier People told me I'd be chased by dogs all day. I think I missed out ...    
Majored in Chemistry I'd resigned myself to not really using my major for anything. Now it's essential.    
Makes Art from Junk I can turn that pile of paint cans into a stirring depiction of the frailty of human life.    
Mall Cop I worked nights, and no one ever actually tried to break in. I mostly watched sitcoms.    
Marathon Runner Running was my life back in the day. I guess it still is. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Martial Arts Teacher I've reached high ranks in several disciplines, but the best part is watching others learn. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Mason No, not the secret society. I mean I use a hammer and chisel. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Massage Therapist I'm officially licensed to work with serious physical injuries, as well as chronic stress.    
Masseuse It takes a lot of strength to work some of the knots out of those muscles.    
Materials Engineer A We made an insulating material for next-gen space suits. I guess that's on hold for a while.    
Materials Engineer B We made an absorbent material for water retention. Best damn canteen you ever used. • +20 Max Stamina  
Materials Engineer C I invented a substance harder than diamond. But sure, I can melt down silverware to make shivs. • Morale bonus from the Forge  
MCP Certified You should see all the "Computers" endorsements I have on my profile.    
Meal Delivery Driver I used to deliver meals to elderly shut-ins, when their kids were too busy to give a crap.    
Measures Twice You can't be too careful when your life depends on building something right. • Morale bonus from Staging Area  
Mechanical Engineer Turns out I've got one of the few skills that carries over into the apocalypse.    
Medical Researcher I put my medical training to work testing new cures and identifying side effects in patients.    
Medicine Hoarder I left my local pharmacy with one less window and a lot less drugs. Somebody had to, right? • Morale bonus from upgraded Storage  
Medicine Merchant I drove a van around, selling remedies out of the back. I got a reputation for … side effects.   • -66% Medicine Experience Rate
Meditates Just twenty minutes every day helps me focused and calm in the face of adversity. • Avoids getting into conflicts  
Meek Oh hey, was I in your way? I'm sorry. Um ... you won't see me anymore. Sorry.   • -50% Standing Rewards
Mentally Trained I went through a training regimen that prepared me to handle a lot of different mental tasks.   • -66% Wits Experience Rate
Messy I'd know exactly where everything was if you'd quit cleaning it up!   • -5 Morale (Community)
Meter Reader You wouldn’t believe some of the weird jury-rigged setups while I was on the job.    
Meticulous Look, it's not that hard. We just have to follow my thirty-four-step plan. • Morale bonus from the Staging Area • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
• Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Microbiologist No matter what I put under a microscope, I can't zero in on the cause of this outbreak!    
Middle Manager I'm gonna need you to come in on Saturday. • +50% Standing Rewards  
Migrant Worker Working in a field all day really puts your body through the paces.    
Military Contractor We're trained to be versatile. Any job, any time, anywhere.    
Military LARPer I'm really only into games that let me dress as a soldier.    
Military Police I spent most of the outbreak on base, until the bases weren't safe anymore.    
Military Washout I was never really good at following orders. Learned to shoot a gun, though.    
Militia Member We believed in defending our freedom against all comers, but zombies were not on the list.    
Miner We could have stayed underground, but one accident turned the mine into a deathtrap. • +20 Max Stamina  
Miniature Collector I had full sets of miniatures for several different armies, and I painted them all myself.    
Minored in Chemistry Honestly, I just had a crush on a TA. I didn't think chemistry would ever be important to me.    
Mixologist Do you like sweet or salty? Hrm … okay. Do you like citrus or cinnamon? I see ... • Morale bonus from Stills and Bars  
MMA Fighter My fighting style really boils down to one thing: I always get back up.    
Mobile Developer I handled compatibility issues for the million different mobile devices we had back then.    
Model Hobbyist At first I had a room devoted to model robots. Then a whole house.    
Moonshiner People keep referring to the drinks I make them as "Molotovs" for some reason. • Morale bonus from Stills and Bars  
Motivational Speaker I had speaking gigs all over the country. The outbreak hit when I was at my biggest venue yet.    
Motorcycle Enthusiast A There were a few dozen of us in the group. I wouldn't call it a gang ... more of a mob.    
Motorcycle Enthusiast B We used to ride back and forth across the state, taking a slightly different route each time.    
Mountain Biker The pain of getting up the mountain is nothing compared to the thrill riding back down.    
Mountain Climber I've hit three of the ten highest mountains in the world. Maybe one more before I die.    
Moved Around at Night I used to only move under cover of night. I'm good at spotting threats in the darkness.    
Mud Runner Every year, at the big mud running event, my friends and I were at the front of the pack.    
Mule Driver If you gotta transport stuff into hard-to-reach places, there's no better animal.    
Muni Rider That stands for "Mountain Unicycling". No, seriously, it does.    
Mycologist I actually wrote my dissertation on human fungal infections. This isn't that.    
Mystery Shopper You call it "spying on employees," but I call it "ensuring compliance with company regulations."    
National Guard We got decimated before the governor activated more units. By then, it was too late.    
Naturopath Not only do I have an herbal remedy for everything, I might even tell you which ones are real.   • -66% Gardening Experience Rate
Navy Veteran Spending months in close quarters, with enemies lurking just out of sight? Right up my alley.    
Nearsighted My prescription was getting worse, but I never bothered to go to the optometrist.   • Sometimes waster ammo
• -33% Shooting Experience Rate
Neat I always keep my bed and workspace clean. Other people have to live here, too, after all. • +3 Morale (Community)  
Needs Alone Time Living in close quarters with other people is tough. I need time to myself to recharge.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
• Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Needs Quiet Time Look, sometimes you just need to shut up a second, so I can think!   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
• Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Neighborhood Watch I walked around my block every night, watching for anything suspicious.    
Nerve Damage Ever since I took that bad fall, it's like I can't feel pain anymore. • +30 Max Health • +66% Injury Severity
Neurotic You realize that literally everything is trying to kill us right now.   • -5 Morale (Community)
• Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
• -10% Standing Rewards
Never Been Sick I can't remember ever missing a day for being sick. Or if I did, it wasn't true. • +100 Infection Resistance  
Never Cries I used to be a crybaby in school. Now I've trained myself not to flinch in the face of anything. • -30% Injury Severity
• +10 Max Health
Never Exercised Exercise was always boring, like running in a hamster wheel. I couldn't take it.   • -20 Max Stamina
Never Fell in Love It's not that I didn't want to. I guess I just never found the right person.    
Never Holds Back I once held back my knife when a friend was turning, and it cost me several people. Never again.   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
Never Used Turn Signals I like to make life more exciting and underpredictable for other people.   • Sometimes wastes fuel
• -25% Fuel Efficiency
News Camera Operator I wasn't the pretty face on the TV, but the segment couldn't happen without me.    
Night Terrors I wake up screaming almost every night, and I can't even remember what I was dreaming about.   • -20 Max Stamina
• Often the target when conflicts occur
• -33% Fatigue Severity
Night Watch I always took the night watch in my last group. Only real chance to be alone with my thoughts.    
Nihilist I'm just saying, we were all going to die eventually, anyway. What's really changed? • Can handle -60 morale without frustration • -3 Morale (Community)
Nimble I could always do a stunt on the first try, or gross people out by contorting my joints.    
Nine Lives My friends laughed that I'd always get the worst ass-kickings. But I'm still here, right?    
No Belief in Destiny "There is no fate but what we make for ourselves."    
No Belief in Fairness "Life is pain. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something."    
No Common Sense I'm always walking into problems that other people see coming a mile away.   • Sometimes wastes materials
• Often the target when conflicts occur
• -66% Wits Experience Rate
No Filter Folks think I say whatever pops into my head. Maybe I should pop something into THEIR heads.   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
• -33% Standing Rewards
Noisy Yeah, I'm banging pots and pans. How else do you make breakfast? • +10% Standing Rewards • +1 Noise
• Often the target when conflicts occur
Nomadic Sleeper I can't get to sleep in the same place twice. Folks let me bunk anywhere I want. • -1 Beds Used • Often the target when conflicts occur
Nostalgic A For me, this world is just a return to the old days, when you had real friends, and real work.    
Nostalgic B I found this old MP3 player full of synthwave music. I feel like I've rediscovered my childhood.    
Nosy There's no such things as "my business" and "your business". It's all just business.   • -3 Morale (Community)
Nuclear Engineer Trust me, you don't want to be anywhere near a nuclear power plant right now.    
Nuclear Scientist I was working on experimental ways to improve efficiency at nuclear power plants.    
Nudist You can't run around naked when you might get bit. But these clothes are so damn restrictive...   • Often the target when conflicts occur
• Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Nurse I served on the front lines of the war on injury and disease.    
Nurturing I really believe in other people's potential. Just be supportive, and they'll blow you away. • +3 Morale (Community)  
Nutritionist Most of my job was talking people out of fad diets.    
Observant People think I'm spying on them, but I just notice things.    
Obsessed with Plague The blood plague destroyed my family and millions of others. I have to stop it. • +30 Max Stamina  
Occasional Hunter I wasn't a huge hunter, but I kept my rifle in good shape, in case my friends wanted to go.    
Occasionally Narcoleptic You've seen that video with the fainting goats? Yeah, I'm not quite that bad.   • +50% Fatigue Severity
Officer Material The brass think I could really be somebody if I prove myself here. • +50% Wits Experience Rate
• +6 Morale
Offroad Biker With a new pair of tires and a nice set of shocks, there's nowhere I can't go.    
Oil and Tire Tech I worked at a quickie oil and tire change place. • Morale bonus from the Auto Shop  
Old and Tired I think it's about time to let the kids do the running and fighting.   • -66% Cardio Experience Rate
• -66% Fighting Experience Rate
• -20 Max Stamina
Old Skating Injury I combined an Estes pop shuvit with a kickflip and bailed on a hydrant. Jacked my shoulder bad.   • -15 Max Carrying Capacity
Old Veteran I wasn't in the last war. I served two wars earlier, before things got all high-tech and insane. • +25% Standing Rewards  
Once Ate a Gorilla I was holed up in a zoo. There weren't a lot of other options. I will never eat again. • -25% Food Consumed Per Day  
Once Ran for Days When the outbreak first hit, I ran. I don't think I stopped until the Army found me, days later.    
Oncologist I've spent my carrier surrounded by the dying, but nothing prepares you for the way we live now.    
One Lung I had a lung removed when I was a newborn. My other lung mostly compensates.   • -45 Max Stamina
• -75% Cardio Experience Rate
Opera Singer My understudy once fainted trying to beat me in a note-holding contest. • +20 Max Stamina  
Operating Engineer My team ran a huge crane that built skyscrapers downtown. It was slow, but satisfying.    
Operations Manager The entire company would fall apart if I looked away for a second. • Morale bonus from the Staging Area  
Optimist I always look on the bright side of life! • Can handle -60 morale without frustration
• +4 Morale
• Often the target when conflicts occur
Orderly I was the one whose job it was to pin unruly patients who didn't want to take their shots.    
Organized I've got my pack perfectly arranged to allow maximum freedom of movement. Want me to fix yours? • +5 Light Carrying Capacity  
Outlaw Chemist The drugs are just about paying the bills. What I really love is setting things on fire.    
Overachiever Why settle for an A when you can have an A+ with extra credit? • +1 Labor  
Overcame Anger Issues You wouldn't have liked me when I was angry.    
Overcame Fears I used to be afraid of everything. I needed a real life-and-death scenario to snap me out of it.    
Overconfident Why should I study or practice, when I'm already naturally good at everything?   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
• -66% Wits Experience Rate
Overplanner I know exactly how much food we're going to need to meet our goals ... Hey, where are you going? • Morale bonus from the Staging Area • -3 Morale (Community)
• Often the target when conflicts occur
Overworked I always take on too much, and it's probably killing me. • +1 Labor • -20 Max Stamina
Owned a Nursery I turned my family's old tobacco farm into a flower nursery. • Morale bonus from large-slot Farms  
Pack Rat All of this stuff has deep emotional value to me. It's fine, I'll just stack it on a second bed.   • +1 Beds Used
Pageant Wagoneer A We traveled around, bringing people entertainment, and keeping a lot of the classics alive.    
Pageant Wagoneer B We traveled around, bringing people entertainment, and keeping a lot of the classics alive.    
Pageant Wagoneer C I drove these folks around, bringing people entertainment, and keeping the classics alive.    
Paintballer We got so good, our team would annihilate anyone crazy enough to face us. • Morale bonus from Shooting training facilities  
Painter I actually had a good thing going, painting portraits of rich kids on the backs of unicorns.    
Panicky "Game over, man! Game over!"   • -7 Morale
• Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
• -33% Standing Rewards
Panicky Fighter Even when I'm practicing, I just slam my eyes shut and swing randomly.   • -66% Fighting Experience Rate
Paparazzi Nothing and nobody gets by me. Before you know I'm there, I've got you.    
Paralegal Really glad I didn't go for a law degree, like my parents wanted. What would be the point now?    
Park Ranger I'd go back to work if I could, but the outbreak caught me on the other side of the country.    
Paronomasiac Puns are the greatest form of humor. That's what they say, right?   • Often the target when conflicts occur
• -33% Wits Experience Rate
Part-time Barista Actually, I was a screenwriter. Making coffee just paid the bills.    
Partner in a Law Firm All those eighty-hour weeks, and I was finally made partner ... two weeks before the apocalypse.    
Party Animal Okay, maybe the drugs are about more than just paying the bills.   • +50% Food Consumed Per Day
Passive Aggressive No, it's fine, I'll just be over here, alone. Probably getting eaten. Don't worry about me.   • Often the target when conflicts occur
• -10% Standing Rewards
Pastry Chef I'm pretty sure I could make a turnover out of anything. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Kitchen  
Patent Collector I thought of teaching, but where's the fun in that? Whoever dies with the most patents wins! • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Pathetic Bad situations just disarm me, and I want to cower in a corner.   • -45 Max Health
• -50% Standing Rewards
Patient Just relax. Good things come to those who wait.    
Patient Caretaker They get loud and crazy, and all you can do is step back, breathe deep, and keep loving them. • +15 Morale  
PC Gamer I changed out my graphics card every year. Not because I needed to. But because I could. • Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector  
Peacemaker Can't we all just get along? • Avoids getting into conflicts  
Pedantic Let me tell you about the Oxfort comma, em dashes, and why you're an idiot.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
• -10% Standing Rewards
Pediatrician You don't see a lot of kids out here. Though some of the adults like to act like children ...    
Perpetual Underdog I can't help but root for the losing side.    
Personal Trainer I was just signing my first few clients when the outbreak hit. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Pessimist The glass is half-empty, and there's nothing coming out of the tap.   • Easiliy Frustrated
• Often the target when conflicts occur
• -5 Morale
Pet Rock Artist I used to set up shop at all the flea markets across the state, selling little rock characters.    
Petroleum Engineer If you want to start making fuel again, I can get the oil out of the ground. And that's it.    
Pharmacist I ran the pharmacy at the local drugstore. We got raided early, and I barely escaped.    
Pharmacy Technician I used to make a game out of guessing someone's prescription before they got to the window.    
Philanthropist I'm kind of embarrassed when people find out how much money I inherited.    
Philosophy Major With most of the world’s greatest minds now staggering and moaning, I’m basically the new Plato.    
Photographer These fleeting moments sometimes catch my eye, and I have to capture them before they're gone.    
Physically Trained I went through a training regimen that prepared me to handle a lot of different physical tasks.   • -66% Cardio Experience Rate
Piano Mover People always want strangers to move their piano, so they can sue when someone drops it.    
Piano Teacher If we could just get a keyboard or something, I could teach everybody else.    
Picky Eater Hey, you can criticize my eating habits, but at least there's more for you, right? • Morale bonus from an upgraded Kitchen
• -25% Food Consumed Per Day
• Often the target when conflicts occur
Picnicker Why eat inside, when there's fresh air right outside your door? • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities  
Pilot I'm great at handling long dull stretches, punctuated by pants-wetting terror.    
Pinball Wizard I beat two of the score records at a regional pinball convention. I am still undefeated.    
Pit Crew Yeah, I've heard all the jokes about how meny seconds we do it in. • Morale bonus from the Auto Shop  
Plane Crash Survivor The pilot just put us down in a field. Then the dead killed the survivors. I barely made it out.    
Plans Ahead You always have to go in with a plan, even if you know you're going to change it.    
Plastic Surgeon Now that sterile environments are hard to come by, I get fewer requests for elective surgery.    
Played Basketball I used to hit the court every day after work, and join whatever game was going on.    
Played Car Games My family used to take huge road trips and play games in the car. I got really good at "I Spy".    
Played in a Band A I was lead guitar and backup vocals. No, you've never heard of us.    
Played in a Band B I'm pretty terrible, but I was the only one of our friends with a soundproof garage.    
Played Rugby My old friends from school used to get together every weekend to play.    
Played Soccer I still miss the orange wedges.    
Played Softball A It was just a little community league, and it was mostly just for fun.    
Played Softball B It was just a little community league, but I got damn good at swinging a bat.    
Played Sports If it has a ball, I've played it.    
Played Tetherball My family had a tetherball ... until I finally hit it into the neighbors' swimming pool.    
Played Zombie Games I could not have been more ready for this. • +6 Morale  
Plumber My pants fit just fine, thanks. You want running water, or not?    
Podcaster My best-konwn work was a 32-part series about the history of adhesives.    
Police Detective I was trained to put together an accurate picture of a crime, even with only a few scanty clues.    
Police Negotiator I was trained to carefully defuse situations before anyone decided to start shooting.    
Police Officer I never even drew my sidearm, my whole carrier. Now I'm using it every day.    
Police Sergeant If you want me to yell at you from across a desk and call you a loose cannon, I'm up for that.    
Political Moderate I always felt like I could see every side of an issue. • Avoids getting into conflicts  
Political Operative Sometimes it gets ugly, but what matters is that the right people win out in the end.    
Poor Bedside Manner Wow, this is probably the worst-looking wound I have ever seen. You are fuuuuuuucked.   • -5 Morale (Community)
• -66% Medicine Experience Rate
Poor Typist Hunting and pecking just makes sense! How do you people know what buttons you're hitting?   • -66% Computers Experience Rate
Power Engineer I'm not the electrician you call to your house. I'm the one that the city calls to the station.    
Powerline Technician I'm like an electrician, except if I get electrocuted, I hit the ground harder.    
Practical Joker I give the gift of humor. It's a public service. • +4 Morale • Often the target when conflicts occur
Practices at the Range Being good isn't enough. You need a headshot every time. • +50% Shooting Experience Rate  
Practices Ikebana It's a Japanese style of flower arrangement. I can show you how to do it.    
Prankster I was the best. No one ever saw me coming.   • Often the target when conflicts occur
Precise I'm a perfectionist. I believe in getting it right the first time.    
Prefers the Sidelines I don't need to be out in front; that's where all the big mistakes happen.   • -50% Standing Rewards
Preoccupied I have responsibilities that don't quit just because I'm helping you out. I need my own space.   • +1 Beds Used
Preschool Teacher Half my day was just spent wiping snotty noses. On the plus side, I do appreciate nap time.    
Prison Guard The inmates have to know you could take them if you had to.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
Prison Tattoo Artist I managed to stay safe in prison, because everyone knew I was the best body artist there.    
Private Investigator I'm professionally trained to keep an open mind.    
Prize-Winning Chili It was a neighborhood competition. With three contestants. And one of them had tofu. But still.    
Pro Football Player I got a lot of practice dealing with pain. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Pro Gamer I've put myself through the best mental regimen on earth. I am ready for anything. • Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector  
Pro Poker Player I know what you're about to ask. Yes, I know when to hold 'em, and also when to fold 'em.    
Professional Deejay I didn't pick the tracks. I just channeled them from ... somewhere.    
Professional Hunter I'm the one they'd call in when wild animal populations got out of control.    
Professional Singer I was pretty small-time, as singers do, but between online sales and tours, I got by. • +10 Max Stamina  
Projectionist I ran the projector at one of those enormous theaters with the ridiculously tall screens.    
Property Manager I worked for a real estate company, fixing problems for tenants at all their properties. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Propmaster If I can't find what you need, I can probably build it. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Psychiatrist It's a medical degree. Trust me, I know more than you think.    
Public Relations Manager This place might be great, but does everyone know how great it is? That's why you need me.    
Pulled All-Nighters When I wasn’t up all night working, I was up all night partying. I basically don’t need sleep. • -30% Fatigue Severity  
Pump Tester If firefighting equipment wants to fail, my job is to make sure it fails for me, not the fire.    
Punched Nazis I ran into these guys in the underground music scene. There was only one way to deal with them.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
Punches Walls I've built up callouses on my knuckles from punching through drywall when I get upset. • +10 Max Health • Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Purse Snatcher I cut the strap so quick, you don't even notice something's missing till I'm gone.    
Puts Family First If you won't take care of your family, why are you even here?    
Pyromaniac I'm not really an anarchist. But I love their cookbook.   • Sometimes wastes fuel
Pyrotechnician Fireworks were illegal for most of the year, so finding work could be pain. Not anymore.   • Sometimes wastes ammo
Quartermaster I know how to keep everything in order. Leave shit lying around, and you'll be hearing from me. • +15 Max Materials Storage
• +15 Max Fuel Storage
• +15 Max Ammo Storage
• +2 Beds Used
Quartermaster Officer I had a duty to make sure it wasn't the equipment that got anyone killed.    
Quick on the Draw I've seen friends die because they let their guard down. I'm always unsnapped and ready to go.    
Quick Study Once I put my mind to learning something, it comes pretty easily. • +200% Experience Rate  
Quick to Despair Really, what's the point?   • Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
• -5 Morale (Community)
• -30 Max Health
Quilter I used to organize these charity quilting projects out of my house.    
Rabble Rouser There always seems to be a good fight worth fighting, and people who want to hear about it. • +100% Standing Rewards • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
• Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Railroad Engineer Car engines are pretty different from the big ones, but I can still help out in a pinch.    
Raised by Single Mom I don't know how she did it, but somehow she managed to get me this far.    
Ran a Bed & Breakfast In addition to my job, we ran a little bed and breakfast out of our home. I did all the cooking.    
Ran a Garden Department I'm not really a gardener myself, but I talked to gardeners, and I know what all the tools do.    
Ran a Medical Office I was never formally trained in medicine, but I was around it a lot.    
Ran a Secret Grow Op I guess I can talk about it now that nothing's illegal anymore. • Morale bonus from gardens that grow Meds  
Ran Every Day When you've got a lot on your mind, you've got to wear yourself out so you can sleep. • +20 Max Stamina  
Ran Her Own Diner It was a backwoodsy-type joint, with a different meat on menu every week.    
Ran the Neighborhood I didn't consider myself a "crime lord" ... too many negative connotations. • +75% Standing Rewards  
Ranch Hand Keeping zombies off our property is a lot like bagging coyotes out on the ranch.    
Rare Book Collector I only managed to hold onto a few treasures, but these books will help us remember our past. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Lounge  
RC Pilot I flew radio-controlled planes before drones were even a thing.    
Reads Books I read books, you know. • +100% Wits Experience Rate
• Morale bonus from an upgraded Lounge
Ready for Action I'm always ready for the next life-threatening emergency. Excited for it, even.    
Ready for Anything I'm always pumped. I can handle whatever you throw at me.    
Ready to Give Up This is basically my last shot. If I can't turn things around now, I'm done.   • -30 Max Health
Real Estate Agent I'm pretty sure my face is still on all those benches back in my hometown.    
Reality TV Failure The stupid producers cast me as the heel, and I was voted out in episode three.   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
Reality TV Star I was on two seasons in a row, plus the all-star season. Have I told you about my fragrances?   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
Rebellious as a Teen What did I rebel against? Hell, what DIDN'T I rebel against?   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
Receptionist Don't underestimate the value of a smile and a kind word at the start of your day.    
Recites TV Shows I can basically perform the entire twenty-seven-season run of my favorite show. • Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector  
Reckless A People try to teach me discipline ... but once I get into a fight, I just swing like a maniac.   • Sometimes wastes materials
• -66% Fighting Experience Rate
Reckless B Don't overthink everything: that's how this world gets you.   • Sometimes wastes materials
Red Talon Contractor The folks around here look at me funny sometimes. I might always feel like an outsider.   • -66% Standing Rewards
Red Talon Operative I've spent several lifetimes on the front lines of this fight, and I'm coming back for more. • -95% Durability Loss Per Hit (Melee)
• -95% Durability Loss Per Shot (Guns)
• +60 Max Carrying Capacity
• -100% Fatigue Severity
• -100% Experience Rate
Red Talon Support They recruited me to build settlements. I never thought I'd be on the front line.    
Relied on an Oxygen Tank I used to rely on a portable oxygen tank to get around. It's hard to believe I got this far.   • -75% Cardio Experience Rate
• -75% Fighting Experience Rate
• -45 Max Stamina
Renaissance Fairgoer I always placed in the mélée at ye olde Renaissance Faire.    
Rescued a Puppy I once literally risked my life because a puppy was in danger. Dogs, man. They need us.    
Rescues Spiders They eat the bugs that contaminate our food. Of course I keep them alive!    
Research Assistant You need some information? I can track it down.    
Research Engineer I wrote programs to crunch data and turn a sea of numbers into something a scientist could use.    
Reservist I wasn't on active duty when the outbreak hit, but I still knew my way around an assault rifle.    
Resilient You'd be surprised what I can put up with. • -40% Injury Severity
• Can handle -60 morale without frustration
• +20 Max Health
Respects Authority Look, someone has to be in charge. It doesn't have to be me. • Can handle -60 morale without frustration
• Avoids getting into conflicts
• -25% Standing Rewards
Restaurant Manager Do you have your fifteen pieces of flair?    
Retired Soldier My last tour ended a while ago, but I'm still as sharp as ever with an assault rifle.    
Retro Gamer You think frontier life is hard? That's nothing. I speed-ran Battletoads. • Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector  
Revs the Engine It's a nervous tic, really. I used to really bug Isaac whenever we were at a red light.   • -50% Vehicle Stealth
Riding Instructor My students were mostly animal-loving kids. I taught them responsibility as well as riding.    
Rifle Collector I had examples from every era in American history, and I've fired every single one. • Morale bonus from the Armory  
Risk Averse I don't mind fighting, as long as the enemy is fifty yards away. Any closer and I lose it. • Avoids getting into conflicts • -66% Fighting Experience Rate
Roadkill Cook I have to say, it takes a real talent in the kitchen to make some things edible.    
Robbed Office Buildings I was a boon to the security industry. Everyone had to upgrade their locks and alarms. • +50% Search Speed  
Rock Climber Those climbing walls at the gym are child's play. I'm talking about the real thing.    
Rocket Scientist I worked for a space-travel startup. We were just getting on our feet when the outbreak hit.    
Rodeo Clown You gotta run fast and jump high if you want to get out alive. True in any situation.    
Run-Down My old body wasn't built to keep this up for years. I think I may just be on the way out.   • -66% Cardio Experience Rate
• -66% Fighting Experience Rate
• -30 Max Stamina
Rural Veterinarian I worked out in the country, where there were a lot of wild animals. I had to keep a shotgun.    
Ruthless You fuck with me, you get fucked with back. That’s how it works. There are no exceptions.   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
Safety Engineer While the other folks worried about the output of the station, I worried about the people.    
Sales Associate No, there's no secret stash in the back room. Everything we have is out here.    
Sales Engineer I was never super hands-on with our products, but I could rattle off every single feature.    
Salsa Dancer I was at the club every Friday night. • Morale bonus from having a Lounge  
Sang in a Band I was the lead singer for a little group that never really went anywhere. • +5 Max Stamina  
Sanitation Engineer I drove a garbage truck every day, seeing all the crazy things that people used to throw out.    
Sarcastic This is the best community, guys. We're fucking geniuses. • +10% Standing Rewards • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
• Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Sawbones I don't have any medical training, but you can learn a lot from cadavers ... and from mistakes.    
Saxophonist I was out late five nights a week, playing in an old jazz club. Nothing like it. • +20 Max Stamina  
Scammed an Employer I hired a guy overseas to do my job for about a third of my salary, then went on vacation.   • -66% Computer Experience Rate
School Bully I used to carry a knife at school. Once people knew I had it, I didn't have to say anything.   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
Science Editor I was always a better writer than I was a chemist.    
Science Geek The people I looked up to as a kid had Nobel prizes, not sportsball trophies.    
Science Teacher I wonder if I could've been a criminal mastermind, like that chemistry teacher on TV.    
Scout I was always the one they sent in first. They said I had sharp eyes. I think I was expendable.    
Scout Leader I spent one night every week teaching survival skills to a roomful of crazy kids. • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities  
Scrapyard Worker A I drove the heavy equipment that moved the old cars from one end of the yard to the other.    
Scrapyard Worker B I learned a lot about how machines are put together by ripping them apart.    
Sculptor There are a lot of things you can do with a good chisel.    
Security Guard I only carried a stun gun on my hip. But I knew how to use it!    
Security Obsessed Every time I heard about another burglary, I installed something new. That house was a fortress.    
Sees Blood and Faints It was one time! Right after the outbreak. People keep giving me shit about it.   • -10 Max Health
Self Defense Teacher I taught one-on-one classes on a concrete pad in my backyard. Using a cushioned mat is dancing. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Self-Conscious Does this backpack make my butt look big?   • -25% Standing Rewards
Self-Destructive I don't just get hurt. I get nearly killed.   • Sometimes wastes medicine
• +66% Injury Severity
Self-Effacing I couldn’t do it without you guys. • Can handle -60 morale without frustration • -25% Standing Rewards
Self-Hating Everything I do is so stupid. It's like I want to end up dead and alone.   • -30 Max Health
• -50% Standing Rewards
Self-Promoter I'm not trying to steal the spotlight. I just have ideas, and I want to share them.    
Self-Sabotaging I paid for a gym membership for years and never went once. I always screw things up.   • -33% Standing Rewards
• -20 Max Stamina
Separated I was married once, but it didn't quite stick.    
Separated from Unit When the camp got overrun, I think I was presumed dead. I spent months on my own.    
Serial Plant Murderer I've been trying to garden for years. I swear, one of these days, something is going to survive. • Morale bonus from having a Garden • -75% Gardening Experience Rate
Settled in the Valley We came in and started farming this area right after the Army's barricade came down.    
Sewage System Operator When you've seen what I've seen, you understand the value of keeping clean.    
Sewer Dweller I took refuge underground during the outbreak. I'm not really comfortable around humans.   • -50% Standing Reward
Sewer Worker You didn't think those manholes in the road were just for cartoon ninjas, did you?    
Shady Mechanic There aren't any invisible things wrong with your car that a few thousand dollars can't fix.   • -33% Mechanics Experience Rate
Shakespearean Actor I had to learn stage fighting, so I could get killed by Hamlet a few hundred times.    
Shares Everything I've really stopped thinking of things as being "mine" anymore. Take it, seriously. • Avoids getting into conflicts  
Sharp Eyes I'm always kind of surprised at the details that other people don't notice.    
Sharpened by Grief Once the worst has happened to you, you start to anticipate disasters long before they arrive.    
Sheltered I spent most of the aftermath in a government facility, and only got out recently.   • -20 Max Health
Sheriff's Deputy Out where I was, the sidearm was mostly for snakes and coyotes.    
Shoddy Workmanship Every time I measure something, it comes out a different height, like I'm in a weird dimension.   • -66% Craftsmanship Experience Rate
• -66% Utilities Experience Rate
• Often the target when conflicts occur
• -66% Mechanics Experience Rate
Shop Teacher Yes, I have all my fingers ... but I can't say the same for my students. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Shopped on TV It took patience and a keen eye to find the best bargains from the comfort of my living room.   • -33% Cardio Experience Rate
Short as a Kid I used to be tiny. Didn’t come into my full height until I was an adult.    
Short of Breath I just get winded really easily. Hard to really exercise that way.   • -30 Max Stamina
• -66% Cardio Experience Rate
Should Not Be Crossed You do something to me, or to the people I care about? You're going to regret it.   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
Shrewd People love to act magnanimous, but they're usually in it for themselves.    
Shy Now that some folks are armed, and the rest are undead ... I'd rather no one saw me at all.   • -50% Standing Rewards
Sign Painter I'm used to climbing up to high places and doing intricate work. It's not as easy as it sounds.    
Sign Twirler When I get going, it looks like the sign is moving on its own. • +25% Fighting Experience Rate  
Single Parent It definitely puts your priorities in order.    
Sings Badly in Public We have literally nothing to lose. We should all be singing, all the time. • +4 Morale • Often the target when conflicts occur
Sings in the Shower I can't help it, it's a disease. A glorious, beautiful disease.    
Sister in the Military She was the brave one.    
Skater I spent more of my teenage years in the air than I did on the ground.    
Skeet Shooter What we need is a clay zombie launcher, and I'm set. • Morale bonus from Shooting training facilities  
Skipped Boot Camp A pre-existing injury kept me out of boot camp when I joined Red Talon.   • +25% Injury Severity
Skittish When zombies get close, I freak, man. Maybe because they're ravenous murdering corpses.   • -66% Fighting Experience Rate
Slaughterhouse Worker Crushing skulls and severing limbs is old hat for me.    
Sleep Researcher Most folks don't realize that sleep deprivation is the most common brain impairment.    
Sleep Technician We polysomnographic technicians do WAY more than just hook up lots of wires to sleeping people.    
Sleeps on the Ground I can't even stand to sleep in a soft bed anymore. Not after so many nights on the road. • -1 Beds used
• Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities
Sleeps with Dakimakura Some people have trouble sleeping these days, but I never feel alone when I'm in bed. • +20 Max Stamina • -25% Standing Rewards
Slept in a Tree For a few months after the outbreak, I climbed a tree every night, with all my stuff in tow. • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities  
Slightly Stocky I've always been a bit big-boned. I know it's hard to tell after months on the run. • +20 Max Health • -10 Max Stamina
Sloth-Like Metabolism People worry about how much I need to sleep, but it's just the way my body works. • Morale bonus from luxury bed facilities
• -50% Food Consumed Per Day
• -30 Max Stamina
Slouchy My parents used to tell me to stand up straight. I would flip them off and slink away.   • -10 Max Carrying Capacity
Slovenly After living on the road for a few months, you get really used to the dirt.   • Often the target when conflicts occur
• -25 Infection Resistance
Slumming Mechanic It was just a job to pay the bills. I don't really even like cars.   • -75% Mechanics Experience Rate
Slump-Shouldered My backpack always ends up hanging at a weird angle on me.   • -5 Max Carrying Capacity
Small Animal Vet The love people have for their hamsters is amazing. To feel so much for something so small ...    
Small-Town Deputy There wasn't much to do back home besides stripping my gun blindfolded again and again. • +20 Max Stamina  
Smoker I didn't even count how many packs a day I was smoking. Don't have a lot of lung left in me.   • -20 Max Stamina
• -66% Cardio Experience Rate
Smooth Talker I also like winking at people while making finger-guns at them. • +50% Standing Rewards  
Smuggler I used to carry things across the border by slipping them into various places on my person. • +10 Max Carrying Capacity
• +10 Light Carrying Capacity
Snarky "How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit?" • +10% Standing Rewards • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
• Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Sniper My missions aren't really classified anymore, but I made a habit of keeping my mouth shut ...    
Snores There is something wrong with my air passage. I really can't help it.   • Often the target when conflicts occur
• -3 Morale (Community)
• -10 Max Stamina
Snowboarder I was the first to hit the slopes when the snow began to fall.    
Social Butterfly I just sort of get along with people. I end up with more friends than I know what to do with. • +50% Standing Rewards  
Social Worker When people are at the end of their rope, I like to think I can help them see their way through.    
Sociopathic Vibe The death of those people was a tragedy, but maybe it's not a bad thing that we get their stuff.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
Soft I'm not one of these super-hardened warrior types. I just can't be, it's not in my nature.   • -30 Max Health
Soft-Hearted I used to cry in every romantic comedy. They just loved each other ... so ... much. Sniff. • Avoids getting into conflicts  
Software Engineer I miss the kind of problem-solving I used to do at work. I'm still hoping we'll bounce back.    
Sold Cellular Phones I worked out of a kiosk in the mall. I was always jealous of the guy selling the RC helicopters.    
Sold Crafts Online I’m not really a specialist. Whatever caught my fancy, I learned to make it, and then sold it.    
Sold Electronics I worked in a trendy store for phones and tablets. Soon there was very little I couldn't fix.    
Sold Fertilizer I did sales for a big fertilizer company. I had to know the product in and out.    
Sold Supplements I know more about salesmanship then I do about herbs. But I know a lot about herbs.    
Sold Used Cars I know just enough about cars to explain away their defects.   • -66% Mechanics Experience Rate
Solo Scavenger For a while, it was just me and the zombies. I learned something about self-sufficiency. • -50% Food Consumed Per Day  
Someone's Relative I'm Someone's Brother/Sister/Son/Daughter/Dad/Mother.    
Sore Neck I can’t stand around in a pack all day, or my neck really starts to hurt.   • -5 Max Carrying Capacity
Soup Kitchen Volunteer I've seen what real hunger looks like.    
Special Forces A Hooah.    
Special Forces B Oorah.    
Special Forces C Hooyah.    
Special Forces D My last mission was about winning hearts and minds. Zombies have got no minds for us to win.    
Speech Therapist I worked in a special elementary school that pulled in kids with all kinds of challenges.    
Speedwalker Yeah, people make fun of it, but when bad knees run in your family, you do what works. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Spelunker I'm actually more comfortable in tighter spaces than I am out in the open.    
Spent Weekends Antiquing You should see some of the treasures I found over the years.    
Sports Gambler I made a lot of money on a few really good bets, and managed to avoid losing too much.    
Sportscar Fanatic I can't name all my cousins, but I can name all the cars in Forza. • Morale bonus from the Auto Shop • Sometimes wastes fuel
Spotter I was part of a two-person sniper team. My partner was the better shot, but I could hold my own.    
Spry You might not guess it, looking at me. But I'm totally nimble.    
Stagehand Wearing all black, I could blend into the stage so well, my work looked like it was magic.    
Stained Glass Artist I used to make video game characters out of glass and sell them over the internet. • Morale bonus from the Forge  
Stamp Collector My collection is worth even more, now that they've stopped making stamps altogether!    
Stand-Up Comic I was on tour when the outbreak hit. The cities were the roughest, but I kept my sense of humor.    
Standoffish It's not easy to feel like I belong anywhere. Especially with people who act like they're nice.   • -50% Standing Rewards
Stargazer I've spent a lot of time squinting at the sky, spotting things most people never notice.    
Started Flash Mobs Remember that fad? Yeah, that was me. I'm sorry.    
State Senator These days, titles and offices don't mean a thing.    
State Trooper Whenever I pulled someone over for being an asshole, five to one they were a tourist.    
Stays Fit Keeping in shape always came a little easier for me. I don't even exercise. • +20 Max Stamina  
Steady I know how to keep my cool, even when all I've got is a .357 and a prayer.    
Stockroom Worker I'm used to doing all of the heavy lifting, while other people stare at clipboards.    
Stoner Why is everyone so worried all the time? I've got something that will chill you all right out. • Morale bonus from gardens that grow Meds • Sometimes wastes medicine
• -66% Cardio Experience Rate
• Often the target when conflicts occur
• -1 Labor
• -50% Standing Rewards
Stored Tons of Food My family's food storage kept us alive for a good three months after the outbreak.    
Straight-A Student I thought I had life figured out when I was in school. Diploma’s not helping a lot right now.    
Street Performer I put on a crazy show out on the promenade. A mix of drumming, dance, and improvised comdey.    
Stress Eater There's no problem that can't be solved by a crate of gas station pastries, am I right?   • Sometimes wastes food
• +100% Food Consumed Per Day
Strict Expectations There is a right way to survive out there. My way. If you don't like it, you don't have to stay.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
• Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Strong It’s not my fault, being the biggest and the strongest. I don’t even exercise.    
Strong Back I can carry a pack for a long time without really even feeling it.    
Stubborn It's my way or the highway.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
• Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Student Mentor I worked part-time at my school, helping new kids figure out the ins and outs of the college.    
Stunt Person My job was to stick my neck out, so more expensive necks wouldn't get hurt.   • Sometimes wastes fuel
Stylist You should see what I can do with a razor blade and a pair of scissors.    
Surgeon Surgery prepares you for a lot, but nothing really prepares you to fight for your own life.    
Surgical Assistant If I haven't done it myself, then I've held the incision open for someone else.    
Surly You again? Don't you have anything better to do?   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
• -3 Morale (Community)
• Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Survival Hunter Mom took me on these hunting trips where we'd only eat what we killed. Taught me independence. • -50% Food Consumed Per Day  
Survivalist I spent every weekend out in the woods, living on as little as possible. Just me and a knife.    
Survived in Prison Once you've made a shiv out of a toothbrush, you realize anything can be a weapon. • +20 Max Health  
Survived Indoors I spent months locked in an apartment. I had to rig up power and water myself.    
Survived on a Train I was on a cross-country train trip when the outbreak hit. We kept it running for a long time.    
Survivor's Guilt I'm not even supposed to be alive. Somebody else should be here, not me.   • -50% Standing Rewards
Survivors's Guilt It still bothers me that I lived when so many good people died.   • -5 Morale
Sushi Chef I like to show off a bit when I'm slicing things up. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Kitchen  
SWAT Breacher It was my job to put a hole in the door without putting holes in anybody on the other side.    
SWAT Officer When you're breaching interiors, you want to rely on low-caliber close quarters weapons.    
SWAT Trainee I got a few weeks of training with automatic weapons and shotguns before the outbreak hit.    
Sweats a Lot I just walk outside for a minute, and my shirt is soaked. I think there's something wrong.   • -25% Standing Rewards
Tabletop Gamer We actually did a zombie campaign one. Kicked some ass. Turns out, real life is a lot harder. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Lounge  
Takes Power Naps Sleeping all night is a waste. I catch short naps multiple times a day. • -1 Beds Used
• +20 Max Stamina
Talented Athlete Physical stuff always came easily to me. I wish that was all it came down to out here.    
Talk Radio Host I used to hold local politicians' feel to the fire over the airwaves.   • Can become frustrated at only -20 morale
Talks Loudly My volume dial has two settings: "Off" and "HEEEEEEY!" • +10% Standing Rewards • +1 Noise
• Often the target when conflicts occur
Talks to Plants I know from firsthand experience that plants really thrive when you have a relationship. • Morale bonus from having a Garden  
Tapped a Water Tower We settled at a water tower after the outbreak. My job was getting the water out of the tower.    
Tattoo Artist It's odd how many people want tattoos nowadays. Less anxiety about living to regret it, I guess.    
Taught Elementary School Running a community of survivors is lot like managing a classroom of second-graders.    
Taught Gymnastics I taught tumbling to kindergarten-age kids. The best part was how proud they looked. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Taxidermist I thought of putting myself forward as a sort of surgeon … then I realized that was insane.    
Tech Director I was the final authority over the software engineers at a startup before the outbreak.    
Tech Early Adopter I can't believe how much money I spent on newly-released hardware that didn't even work.    
Tech Support The stories I could tell you ...    
Technically Royalty It's several generations back, but ... I think I might be the ruler of a small country.    
Telemarketer It's half sticking to the plan, and half thinking on your feet.    
Tells Bad Jokes A Have you heard the one about the gorilla who couldn't tell time?   • Often the target when conflicts occur
Tells Bad Jokes B Have you heard the one about the gorilla who couldn't tell time? • +3 Morale (Community) • -3 Morale (Community)
• Often the target when conflicts occur
Tells Tall Tales This one time, I ran into a big, fat zombie with another zombie inside it! True story! • +3 Morale (Community)  
Test Engineer I made automated systems to catch problems that might take hundreds of man-hours to find.    
Tests Things on Himself I'm not brave, just impatient. When I make something new, I can't wait to see what it does! • +20 Max Health  
The Muscle My old crew kept me around because I was so physically intimidating.    
Theatre Nerd The -re spelling is more appropriate to the history and erudition of the art.    
Theme Park Enthusiast Theme parks really prepare you for the experience of battling ravenous, mindless crowds.    
Thrillseeker If it's not a rush, it's not worth my time.   • Sometimes wastes medicine
Tinkerer A I could never stand to call a professional when it looked like I could fix it myself. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Tinkerer B I always tried to fix everything myself. Eventually I broke so many things, I had to move out. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop • Sometimes wastes materials
• -66% Utilities Experience Rate
Tires Quickly I just don't have as much energy as everybody else. • Morale bonus from luxury bed facilities • +33% Fatigue Severity
• -20 Max Stamina
Toll Booth Operator Sometimes the main skill you need out here is patience, and that's what I'm trained for.    
Too Many Textbooks My teacher used to make me carry sixty pounds of books to and from school, on foot, every day.    
Took a Gap Year I took a year off before the outbreak. On the bright side, I don't have any student debt!    
Took a Lot of Dares I did some crazy stuff as a kid. I probably spent more time in a cast than I did without one. • -40% Injury Severity
• +30 Max Health
• Sometimes wastes medicine
Took Crazy Road Trips My friends and I drove all over, looking for trouble. We always came back with stories.    
Took Decoy Duty In my last group, my job was to act like an idiot and lead the zombies away.    
Took Kickboxing I thought taking a kickboxing class would turn me into an action movie star. Not so much. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Took Online Courses I just never felt like I was finished learning. I still have a laptop full of lectures.    
Took Self Defense At first, I did it to get in shape, but at some point, I started taking it really seriously.    
Total Lightweight Even the most minor medication completely knocks me out. • +100% Healing Item Efficacy  
Tough I've always felt like I couldn't show any pain. • -30% Injury Severity
• +10 Max Health
Tour Guide I knew my way around the historic district downtown, but now that place is thoroughly infested.    
Tourist I’ve been to all fifty states and four continents. Come have a look at my photo album!    
Track Star My track team won the state championship. I dominated the hurdles.    
Tractor Driver I wish I could say I knew much about farming, but I just drove where they told me.    
Trade School Teacher I was happy to work in a place where I could teach people real skills to improve their lives.    
Traffic Cop There is no job more frustrating than trying to get drivers to behave like human beings.    
Trail Guide I always had to carry extra supplies for the tourists who thought it would be easy. • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities  
Trained at Fighting I went through a training regimen for a variety of different combat scenarios.   • -66% Fighting Experience Rate
Trained at Shooting I went through a training regimen that taught me a variety of different shooting techniques.   • -66% Shooting Experience Rate
Trained in CPR I realized that I was no good to anyone in an emergency, unless I got few basics down.    
Trained off the Grid We had no gear, no bullets, and worst of all nothing to eat. I think I'm still hungry.   • +50% Food Consumed Per Day
Training Electrician I was just about to get my certification when all the lights went out.    
Translator I can help people understand each other, even when they speak the same language.    
Trash Collector The trash in my area was collected by hand. No giant truck arms, unless you count mine.    
Traveled the World I spent whatever time I could seeing the world. Glad I grabbed the chance while I had it.    
Tree Trimmer Any job is tougher when you do it forty feet in the air.    
Trilingual I’m constantly translating my thoughts from one language into another.    
Trucker I was miles away from my family when the outbreak hit. I gave up on ever seeing them again. • -40% Fatigue Severity  
Trucker for Westen I was a trucker for Westen Allied Industries. They had me running supplies to the refugee camps. • -40% Fatigue Severity  
Trust Fund Kid I spent my life with everything just handled, you know? Taking care of yourself is hard.   • -66% Shooting Experience Rate
• -5 Morale
• -66% Wits Experience Rate
Trusts No One When there's almost nothing left, everyone is secretly out for themselves.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
TSA Agent Respect the blue shirt.    
Turned a Corner I finally get it. It's killed or be killed now, and I am not going to be killed.   • Keep their morale at 30+ to avoid conflicts
Turned Life Around I've made my share of bad decisions, but that's all behind me now.    
Typeface Designer Look on the bright side. No one is using Comic Sans anymore.    
Unathletic I was always the last one picked in PE, for a very good reason.   • -66% Cardio Experience Rate
Unbreakable It's not that I can't be killed. It's that when I die, I'll still be fighting to my last breath. • +45 Max Health
• -100% Injury Chance
Uncomfortable at Parties Social gatherings make me feel really anxious, but I'm finding ways to cope.   • -10% Standing Rewards
Undertaker I dug the holes at a small cemetery. Only equipment I needed was a shovel and a strong back.    
Unmotivated I just can't work up the energy to accomplish anything these days. • Morale bonus from luxury bed facilities • Often the target when conflicts occur
• -1 Labor
• -50% Standing Rewards
Unnervingly Quiet I guess I'm just really careful. Sometimes people jump when they notice I'm in the room. • Avoids getting into conflicts  
Unobservant Sometimes a marching band could walk right by me, and I wouldn't notice it.   • Sometimes wastes materials
• -33% Wits Experience Rate
Unusually Mature Most of my friends were adults, even when I was a kid. • +50% Wits Experience Rate
• +25% Standing Rewards
Urban Climber I had this helmet with a camera on the front, and I'd walk along rooftops to freak people out.    
Urban Explorer Some folks used to call it trespassing. Especially the ones who chased us out. • Sprint for free when lightly encumbered  
Urban Farmer I managed several small farms in vacant lots and on rooftops downtown.    
Urologist I'm used to solving a whole different set of problems than people are worried about now.    
US Marshal My work taught me a lot about life on the run. Though not usually firsthand like this.    
Used to be Reckless It's best that you didn't know me when I was younger.    
Used to be Vain There was a point when realized that I had to get over myself.    
Used to Hate Guns Nothing like being chased by zombies to make you appreciate things like stopping power.    
Used to Hide Money If people ever start using money again, I've got several mattresses we could cut open.    
Used to Humidity Last place I lived, you could practically drink the air in the summer. Not a problem for me. • +10 Max Stamina  
Used to Hunt My parents weren't into hunting, but my grandfather took me out once a year when I was a kid.    
Used to Paint It used to help me relax after a long, hard day of not-painting.    
Used to the Cold You guys have never even seen real cold. I used to shovel two feet of snow. • +20 Max Stamina  
Useless I do a lot of really important work. Just last week, I rearranged all the pots and pans! • Morale bonus from luxury bed facilities • Often the target when conflicts occur
• -1 Labor
• -50% Standing Rewards
User Experience Designer I stayed in a place where all the door handles were oriented the wrong way. It nearly killed me.    
Utilities Worker I had to move from the manufacturing industry over to the service side, because economics.    
Utter Despair I ran when my friends needed me. I don't know why you keep me around.   • -15 Morale
• -30 Max Health
Vacationed in Spain My parents flew us all out each summer to their vacation home on the coast of Spain.    
Vain No, seriously. I really think that song was about me.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
• Often the target when conflicts occur
• -10% Standing Rewards
Valedictorian Any achievement takes hard work and consistency. That's what I said in my speech, anyway.    
VCR Repair There's this one old guy we've been milking for work for years now ...    
Vegan If I hadn't been vegan before the outbreak, watching zombies feeding would have made me one. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Kitchen
• -25% Food Consumed Per Day
Very Trusting We're all still just people, right? We want the same things. We can work together. • Avoids getting into conflicts  
Veteran Firefighter I was a firefighter and a paramedic. During the outbreak, those skills were in high demand. • +20 Max Stamina  
Veteran Gambler Call it, heads or tails?    
Veterinarian During the outbreak, I had the Singletons' old Rottweiler. She got me through the worst of it.    
Veterinary Pathologist I dealt with sickness in dozens of different species. Learning one more shouldn't be hard.    
Video Game Producer My job is essentially herding cats. Well-armed, apocalypse-surviving cats.    
Video Game Streamer I had this great group in my chat everyday, but now I have no way to find them. • Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector  
Video Rental Clerk I thought video rental clerks all became edgy film directors. Missed my shot, I guess. • Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector  
Vigil Guard I stood watch alone at a critical outpost for months. Ran out of room for notches on my rifle. • -1 Beds Used
• -40% Fatigue Severity
Visited Yard Sales Some people slept in on the weekends. Those people paid five times as much for their furniture.    
Vlogger A I got to the point where I was making a pretty good living just on reaction videos.    
Vlogger B I never made any money at it, but I liked being able to connect with other people.    
Voice Actor I wore out my voice pretending I was being hit by zombies.    
Volunteer Coordinator I worked with the parks department, arranging for volunteers to maintain our green spaces. • +4 Morale (Community)  
Volunteer Firefighter I worked around my schedule to get a few days in every month.    
Voyeur Yeah, I know how to use a pair of binoculars. Nope, no particular reason.    
Waited Them Out During the first weeks of the outbreak, I stayed in my apartment. I learned to keep quiet.    
Waiter I'll get you what you need before you even ask for it.    
Wallflower I'm really, really good at not being noticed. • Avoids getting into conflicts • -50% Standing Rewards
Wandering Guitarist In the old world, you could make a living just on music. It's a lot harder these days.    
War Reenactor I've fired a ton of old-fashioned rifles. I'm pretty good, despite practicing with blanks. • Morale bonus from the Armory  
Warehouse Manager When you work in one of these places long enough, you learn how to spot something out of place.    
Warehouse Stocker You can only do so much with a forklift. Eventually, you've got to use some muscle.    
Was Always Sick I used to come down with every single bug. I feel like I spent half my life in bed. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Infirmary • -50 Infection Resistance
Was Homeless I spent a few years living by my wits, on the street. Now that's just par for the course.    
Was in ROTC I did some military training in school, but never got around to enlisting.    
Was Unemployed Once I got laid off, that was it. I tried for years, but I couldn't make anything stick.    
Waste Disposal Engineer I was always amazed at what people would just throw away.    
Waste Sorter A Recycling is yesterday's news. Today we're all about reusing.    
Waste Sorter B I spent my day dividing recyclables from garbage, because apparently,   of you could.    
Watched Cooking Shows I set up a TV in my kitchen, so I could cook along with the hosts. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Kitchen  
Watched Cop Shows I spent hours every night second-guessing the writers. It helped me notice things. • +25m Enemy Detection Range
• +30% Container Visibility Range
Watched Sports It didn't matter who was playing... or even what they were playing. • Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector  
Watched Westerns I used to have a huge collection of Westerns on VHS. Now I live on the frontier. Go figure. • Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector  
Weak Stomach All kinds of violence just make me ill. I do what must be done, but it just kills me.   • -66% Fighting Experience Rate
• -66% Shooting Experience Rate
Weak Swing I feel like I'm swinging as hard as I can, but it's like a wet noodle on the other end.   • -66% Fighting Experience Rate
Web Developer Check out my personal site, I've got links to all my ... oh wait, you can't. Dammit.    
Weekend Warrior We switched between tactical exercises on the paintball field and serious training at the range. • Morale bonus from Shooting training facilities  
Weightlifter You can't run away with a good set of weights, so I build a new collection everywhere I settle. • Morale bonus from Fighting training facilities  
Weird Nickname It was a forum handle originally, but after a few years, it was the only thing I went by.    
Weirdo Some people just seem put off by me, and I cannot figure out why.   • Often the target when conflicts occur
• -33% Standing Rewards
Well-Built My body's always been good at putting on upper-body strength, whether I really tried or not.    
Went on Camping Trips My folks took us on these campaign trips for spring break. It helped more than they ever knew. • Morale bonus from outdoor bed facilities  
Went to Grad School Four years weren't enough for me.    
Went to Night School I barely slept at night for years, trying to get my law degree. For all the good that did me. • -30% Fatigue Severity  
Whistleblower I spent my last year in the real world getting sued by my own company.   • Keep their morale at 10+ to avoid conflicts
Whittler When I actually bought a dentist's drill to decorate my walking stick, I knew I had a problem. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Will Drink Anything You're worried about the worm in that tequila? I used to drink bottles with scorpions inside. • Morale bonus from Stills and Bars • Sometimes wastes medicine
Will Eat Anything I eat the food nobody else wants. I would have cleaned up on one of those reality shows. • -50% Food Consumed Per Day  
Willowy I've always been slim for my height. Being light has its advantages when you're on the run. • +20 Max Stamina • -10 Max Health
Window Cleaner I used to rappel down from rooftops with a loaded pack of cleaning equipment.    
Wingsuit Flyer I was basically like a bird. Or maybe a giant squirrel.    
Wise I've been around the block more times than you want to know. • +100% Wits Experience Rate  
Woodcutter People have trees they want to burn. I'm the one who shows up with the chainsaw and the axe.    
Workaholic I can’t sit still when there’s something useful I could be doing. • +1 Labor  
Worked as a Pioneer We were sent into newly cleared territory to build walls and prevent the zeds from coming back. • +15 Max Materials Storage • -10% Infuence Gained
• Sometimes wastes materials
Worked at a Chop Shop They didn't tell me where the cars came from, and I didn't want to know.    
Worked at an Office Honesty, I have trouble explaining what I did all day at work.    
Worked at an Orchard It was seasonal work, but it paid the bills. I look forward to planting some trees again. • Morale bonus from large-slot Farms  
Worked at Power Station I wasn't one of the engineers, but I definitely picked up a few things that could help.    
Worked at Tartan Mart Hi, welcome to Tartan Mart, how can I help you today?    
Worked Construction Every day, sweating in the hot sun. But we got it done right. • Morale bonus from an upgraded Workshop  
Worked on a Farm I worked summers picking berries on my best friend's dad's farm. • Morale bonus from large-slot Farms  
World War II Buff It was a simpler time, when it was easier to tell friend from foe.    
Worst Fighter Ever Look, I can handle a lot of things, right? But fighting zombies isn't one of them.   • -75% Fighting Experience Rate
Wrote a Viral Tweet I thought it was my claim to fame, and it was ... for fifteen minutes. • +25% Standing Rewards  
Yoga Instructor The best way to survive out here is to get your joints limber and your chakras aligned.    
Young I'm actually a bit younger than I look. • +20 Max Stamina  
Youth Baseball Coach It was more corralling wild youngsters than playing. But my swing is still pretty good.    
Youth Counselor Kids are the toughest audience. What you do has to be fun, but mean something, too.    
Zine Author I used to write for a punk zine that showed up in music stories all over downtown.    
Zombie Hunter A People used to pay me for zombie ears. I got really good at hacking them off living zombies.    
Zombie Hunter B When I ran out of food, I started hiring myself out, doing high-risk zombie-killing work.    
Zoologist I wish I had any idea where this zombie fit on the taxonomic chart.    

Frequently Asked Questions

What trait makes you immune to blood plague?

The Blood Plague Survivor trait gives your survivor -100% plague infection.

What trait makes your weapons unbreakable?

The Red Talon Operative trait makes guns and melee weapons your survivor uses unbreakable.

What trait makes you loot faster?

The Robbed Office Buildings trait gives a +50% search speed.

What traits reduce injuries?

The Dense Bone Condition trait and Unbreakable trait both give a -100% injury chance.

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