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Ray Santos
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Ray Santos will join your community. He has infinite health and stamina, blood plague immunity, red talon skills and more.

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Infinite Health & Stamina
Your hero will have infinite health and stamina, making them impossible to kill.

Maxed Red Talon Skills
Heroes have the best skills available from Tactics, Heroism, Prowess & Warfighting.

Blood Plague Immunity
Your hero will be immune to attacks from blood plague zombies and freaks.

Custom 5th Skill
Have any 5th skill of your choice including medicine, engineering, chemistry and more.

Ignore the Population Limit
Heroes will join your community in addition to your current survivors.

Custom Hero Bonus
Select a hero bonus to match your new survivor. Over 100 options are available.

Custom Voice
Select any voice to match your new survivor, including several hidden ones.

Custom Leader Type
Select Builder, Trader, Warlord, Sheriff or a random leader type for your hero.

Custom Nickname
Select a nickname to match your new survivor. Almost anything is available.

Customer Reviews

These reviews were posted in the comment sections of my YouTube videos.

  • Bone Goddess

    This guy is super helpful and scary quick to reply. I love it. He saved my ass on unobtainable outfits like the sea of thieves outfit I sadly missed. Super happy I was able to get the cool items and weapons I wanted. Plus the Izzbee mod is awesome. Definitely recommend.

  • Crystal's Life

    I bought earlier today and I have NO regrets! He was very fast and very nice!

  • Starfall Shadow

    Absolutely impeccable service. Remarkably quick too. I had my doubts at first, and I was asking a lot of questions, so much so that I was starting to worry that I was annoying him. But he was very patient and answered all my questions with quick replies. Within 30 minutes of placing my order, he told me it was done. ABSOLUTELY legit and reliable.

  • josh fritz

    I (stupidly) tried getting a mod for PC via this guy. His mods are Xbox only. However, he was very helpful regardless, and directed me to a website for PC SoD mods, and issued a refund. This guy is trustworthy and fair, not to mention patient.

  • C O

    Look, I was skeptical about this. Perhaps you are too. But for real this guy is legit and I don't need to grind Daybreak anymore. Everything he offers, he delivers on.

  • Phatmatt 5105

    If you're wondering if it's worth it. It's worth it. I bought the unlocked radio, couldn't be happier. He answered all my questions and he was done in 10 minutes. Dont take my word for it. There's so many positive comments.

  • Mattallic

    Bought the Daybreak Unlock simply because I don't like that game mode but wanted the items in the main game mode. Fast and honest. 100% legit.

  • Movement Artistry Productions

    Had to come through to leave a beyond-satisfactory review right after acquiring my items. The process is quite simple and the dude is very helpful during each step of the process. I highly recommend to anyone (like me) who just wants to have fun and especially not have to grind Daybreak for the umpteenth time.

  • FFAR

    He delivered what I ordered super fast and was overall awesome. I will order again soon for other communities.

  • Aksana Dia

    Everything worked, the mods are real and affordable for those who can't do it on PC themselves. I highly recommend this for a fast and great service.

  • Sonny Thomas

    I bought a couple bundles and was not disappointed. Super fast service and exceptional work. Thank you.

  • Sir Ninja Raiden

    For anyone worrying it works just fine. Took him 10 minutes to set me up. I would suggest increasing the difficulty so the game is still fun AHEAD of time.

state of decay 2 ray santos

Ray Santos Gameplay

In this video I play as the State of Decay 2 hero Ray Santos while hearing his dialogue over the radio.

Watch it on YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work on Xbox?

Yes! State of Decay 2 is a play anywhere game so mods work on both Xbox and the Microsoft Store.

Will I get banned for getting this?

No, Undead Labs has said they don't oppose modding since there is no PvP.

Does this work with Steam or the Epic Game Store?

No, heroes are only compatible with Xbox and the Microsoft Store.

Can I still play in multiplayer?

Yes! You can join others or host your own game with no issues.

Can they lose their stats?

No, they'll never lose their infinite health, stamina and many other perks.

Can I get them in Heartland?

Yes! You can get heroes in a campaign community or in Heartland.

Can they join the legacy pool?

Yes! Heroes can enter the legacy pool and join future communities with no issues.

What do I do after I buy?

After placing your order please send a message so we can set up a time for delivery.

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