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If you would like to pay with a gift card please fill out the form below. I am only accepting (US) gift cards at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do mods work on Xbox?

Yes! State of Decay 2 is a play anywhere game so mods work on both Xbox and PC.

Will I get banned for getting mods?

No, Undead Labs has said they don't oppose modding since there is no PvP.

Can I pay with a different gift card?

I'm only accepting US Amazon gift cards at the moment.

When will you do my order?

I'm available every day from 2 PM - 1 AM, Pacific Standard Time.

Do the mods still work?

Yes! An update has never caused the mods to stop working.

What do I do after I buy?

After placing an order send a message so we can set up a time for delivery.

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