Sasquatch News

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1. Open Range Pack added.
2. Man in Black hero added.
3. Outfit Unlock now includes Open Range outfits.
4. Bounty Unlock now includes Open Range bounties.
5. Bounty + Outfit Unlock now includes Open Range bounties and outfits.
6. Model 1887 Shotgun added.
7. Sawed-Off Model 1887 added.
8. Mare's Leg added.
9. Big Hank Rifle added.
10. Model 92 Rifle added.
11. Scoped Model 92 Rifle added.
12. Duvall Outrider added.
13. Model 1875 Sceriffo added.
14. Rinnegato .45 Revolver added.
15. Model 1875 Fuorilegge added.
16. Bowie Knife added.
17. Bundles of Dynamite added.

1. Voices page created.
2. Consumables page created.
3. Backpacks page created.
4. Anniversary Cakes consumable added.
5. Xander hero added.
6. Vic hero added.

1. Vehicles page created.
2. Golf Cart, Red Talon SUV, Bloodmobile, Megalodon, Trumbull 4X4
and Wizard Van added.
3. 10 Network Survivors added.

1. Tether Disabled video added to YouTube.
2. Open Range Pack placeholder page created.
3. Lighter version (13.5 lb) of the Eternal Guard's Infinite Rage is now available.

1. Sasquatch News page created!

1. Hospital Base + Upstairs Explored video added to YouTube.
2. 1,650 Modded Guns, Heartland Bundle and Daybreak Bundle weapons
upgraded to max stats, instant reload and silent.

1. 10 Army Survivors added.

1. 1,000 subscribers reached on YouTube. Thank you!

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