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Micro Warlord Pack
$3.99 $20

Get one (1) of every gun in the game including all bounty guns, Daybreak guns and more. Select regular guns or modded with 999 ammo, max stats, fast reload and more.

Note: You will need to have completed the bounties to equip some of these items.

Compatibility: All Platforms    Delivery Method: In-Game

999 Ammunition
Each gun has 999 ammo loaded in the clip and can reload back to 999 or higher.

Fast Delivery Time
With trunk delivery straight to your supply locker get all of your items in minutes.

Unmodded Versions
Don't like modded guns? No problem. You can get standard versions instead.

Silent to Enemies
The Quietness on each has been maxed so they make noise that can't be detected.

Maximum Stats
The Power, Accuracy, Control, Range and Quietness on each gun will be fully maxed.

Fast Reload
Each gun can reload much quicker, great for when you're stuck in combat.

Micro Warlord Pack Item List

The Micro Warlord Pack comes with one of every bounty gun, Daybreak gun, grenade launcher, shotgun, pistol, sniper rifle and more, including:

245 Ranged Weapons

check 10/22 Carbine (x1)
check 1911 (x1)
check 1911 Long Slide (Fearsome Footage) (x1)
check 1911 The Producer (Bundle Up Pack) (x1)
check 870 Sawed-Off (x1)
check 930 SPX (x1)
check 9mm Pro 986 Revolver (Go Bag Pack) (x1)
check AA-12 (Doomsday Pack) (x1)
check AK-47 (x1)
check AKS-74U (The Network) (x1)
check AKS-74U Valentine (Anniversary Pack) (x1)
check APC9 RT (Red Talon) (x1)
check AR-15 (x1)
check Arctic Warrior (x1)
check B50FG (x1)
check Backup Bossy (Critical Response Pack) (x1)
check Barrow Style BAR (x1)
check Big Hank Rifle (Open Range Pack) (x1)
check Blackhawk .45 Revolver (x1)
check BML-40 (x1)
check Bolt Scout (x1)
check Brock's Golden Vulture .44 (x1)
check C1-A Ursus (x1)
check Ceremonial M1A1 Thompson (World War 2 Pack) (x1)
check Civilian Uzi 22 Carbine (x1)
check Civilian Uzi 22 Pistol (x1)
check Civilian Vector Carbine (x1)
check Civilian Vector Ultracompact (x1)
check Classic AK-47 (Go Bag Pack) (x1)
check Classic Crossbow (x1)
check Classic SKS Rifle (x1)
check CLEO Assault Shotgun (Red Talon) (x1)
check CLEO Battle Rifle (Red Talon) (x1)
check CLEO Blast Rifle (Red Talon) (x1)
check CLEO Heavy Sniper (Red Talon) (x1)
check CLEO Machine Pistol (Red Talon) (x1)
check CLEO Pistol (Red Talon) (x1)
check CLEO Sharpshooter Rifle (Red Talon) (x1)
check CLEO Shotgun (Red Talon) (x1)
check CLEO SMG (Red Talon) (x1)
check CM1-A Breacher (x1)
check Cold Turkey (Stay Frosty Pack) (x1)
check Competition Mk3 (x1)
check Custom AK-47 (x1)
check Czech M8 (Trifecta Pack) (x1)
check Danger Dog PPSh-41 (World War 2 Pack) (x1)
check D-BAR (Stay Frosty Pack) (x1)
check D-Bartini (Stay Frosty Pack) (x1)
check DEVGRU X12 Infiltrator (x1)
check Dillinger Pattern 1911 (x1)
check DNL NOT IN GAME Heartland Launcher (x1)
check Doomsday Carbine (Go Bag Pack) (x1)
check Duvall Outrider (Open Range Pack) (x1)
check Echo-S1 Revolver (x1)
check Echo-S2 Rifle (x1)
check Echo-S3 Shotgun (x1)
check Echo-S4 SMG (x1)
check Echo-S5 Gas Launcher (x1)
check Echo-S6 Pistol (x1)
check Echo-S7 Assault Rifle (x1)
check Echo-X1 Combat Crossbow (x2)
check Echo-X2 Sniper Crossbow (x2)
check Echo-X3 Repeating Crossbow (x1)
check Eternal Guard's Infinite Rage (x1)
check EVO 3 (Doomsday Pack) (x1)
check Extended Mk3 (x1)
check Exterminator's 10/22 (x1)
check F45 Tactical (Anniversary Pack) (x1)
check Faithful KSG (x1)
check Fake-A 47 (x1)
check FAL (The Network) (x1)
check FBI Fighting Rifle (World War 2 Pack) (x1)
check G17 (x1)
check G18 Auto (x1)
check G18 Auto Custom (x1)
check G26 (Critical Response Pack) (x1)
check G26 FDE (x1)
check G34 (Critical Response Pack) (x1)
check G34 FDE (x1)
check G45 (Pawn Shop Pack) (x1)
check G45 Burst (Go Bag Pack) (x1)
check Gangland Strad (x1)
check Gold Fever Revolver (Trifecta Pack) (x1)
check Golden Honcho (Trifecta Pack) (x1)
check Graveyard Shift (x1)
check GSG-W (x1)
check HB PDW (Stay Frosty Pack) (x1)
check HB SD Blackout (Stay Frosty Pack) (x1)
check HB Snow Fox (Stay Frosty Pack) (x1)
check Heirloom Model 70 (x1)
check Hobbyist's 1911 (x1)
check Homemade Crossbow (x1)
check Homemade Scoped Crossbow (x1)
check Hunter SKS (Pawn Shop Pack) (x1)
check Hunter's Bolt Scout (x1)
check Hunter's Model 29 (x1)
check Hunter's Model 70 (x1)
check Hunter's Viper (x1)
check Hunting Crossbow (x1)
check JL94 Civilian (x1)
check JL94 Custom (x1)
check King Vulture .44 (x1)
check Kodiak (x1)
check Kodiak XL (x1)
check KSG (x1)
check Light Crossbow (x1)
check M1 Carbine (x1)
check M1 Para Carbine (x1)
check M14 DMR (x1)
check M17 (x1)
check M1903A4 Sniper Rifle (x1)
check M1917 Revolver (x1)
check M1918 BAR (x1)
check M1-A (x1)
check M1-A Short (x1)
check M1A1 Thompson (x1)
check M203 Standalone (x1)
check M3 Grease Gun (x1)
check M32 MGL (x1)
check M4 CQBR Mob Stopper (Trifecta Pack) (x1)
check M4A1 (x1)
check M4X1 DMR Heavy (x1)
check M4X2 Lite SSW (x1)
check M590 FDGB (Go Bag Pack) (x1)
check M590 Sea and SKy Shotgun (x1)
check M9 (Bundle Up Pack) (x1)
check M97 Trench Gun (x1)
check M99X1 Timberwolf (x1)
check MAC-10 (x1)
check MAC-11 Jaw Breaker (Trifecta Pack) (x1)
check MAC-V (x1)
check Mare's Leg (Open Range Pack) (x1)
check Masterwork Assault Rifle (The Network) (x1)
check MCX Osprey RT (Red Talon) (x1)
check MGL-N Firewhirl (x1)
check Micro Dot PPK (x1)
check Midnight Solstice (Stay Frosty Pack) (x1)
check Model 1875 Fuorilegge (Open Range Pack) (x1)
check Model 1875 Sceriffo (Open Range Pack) (x1)
check Model 1887 Shotgun (Open Range Pack) (x1)
check Model 29 (x1)
check Model 70 Classic (x1)
check Model 870 (x1)
check Model 92 Rifle (Open Range Pack) (x1)
check Model 99-50 (x1)
check MP40 Submachine Gun (World War 2 Pack) (x1)
check MP5A2 (x1)
check MP5A2 Spec Ops (x1)
check MP5K Navy (x1)
check MP5K Spec Ops (x1)
check MP5SD (Critical Response Pack) (x1)
check MPX Competition (Trifecta Pack) (x1)
check MPX Submachine Gun (Go Bag Pack) (x1)
check Network DIY Assault Rifle (The Network) (x1)
check Non-Compliant SKS (Pawn Shop Pack) (x1)
check Old Lawman's Viper (x1)
check Operator's M4A1 (x1)
check OSS Silent Night (World War 2 Pack) (x1)
check Otoe Howlitzer (Stay Frosty Pack) (x1)
check P-07 (x1)
check P-07 Pro (x1)
check P220-45 (x1)
check P220-45 Elite (x1)
check P220-9 (x1)
check P220-9 Elite (x1)
check P226 (x1)
check P226 Elite (x1)
check Police Auction Golden Vulture (x1)
check Police M590A1 (Critical Response Pack) (x1)
check Police Sniper Rifle (Critical Response Pack) (x1)
check PPK (x1)
check PPQ 45 (Pawn Shop Pack) (x1)
check PPQ M2 (x1)
check Precision G17 (x1)
check Prepper's 10/22 (x1)
check Prepper's AK-47 (x1)
check Pyro Launcher (x1)
check R12 (x1)
check R12 Import (x1)
check Raider's AK-47 (x1)
check Raider's AR-15 (x1)
check Raider's Uzi 22 (x1)
check RC-9 Police Carbine (Critical Response Pack) (x1)
check Reliable 870 Sawed-Off (x1)
check Restored Echo-S1 Revolver (Trumbull Valley Pack) (x1)
check Restored Echo-S2 Rifle (Trumbull Valley Pack) (x1)
check Restored Echo-S3 Shotgun (Trumbull Valley Pack) (x1)
check Restored Echo-S4 SMG (Trumbull Valley Pack) (x1)
check Restored Echo-S6 Pistol (Trumbull Valley Pack) (x1)
check Restored Echo-S7 Assault Rifle (Trumbull Valley Pack) (x1)
check Rinnegato .45 Revolver (Open Range Pack) (x1)
check RTX Cyclone (Red Talon) (x1)
check RTX Cyclone Tactical (Red Talon) (x1)
check RTX Hordebreaker (Red Talon) (x1)
check RTX Piranha (Red Talon) (x1)
check RTX Rampart (Red Talon) (x1)
check RTX Stormbringer (Red Talon) (x1)
check RTX Wolverine (Red Talon) (x1)
check Safari Razorback .44 (Anniversary Pack) (x1)
check Samurai SMG (Stay Frosty Pack) (x1)
check Sawed-Off Model 1887 (Open Range Pack) (x1)
check SCAR-H (x1)
check Scoped Big Hank Rifle (Open Range Pack) (x1)
check Scoped Model 92 Rifle (Open Range Pack) (x1)
check Sea Dog Blunderbuss (Plunder Pack) (x1)
check Seabass Model 94 (x1)
check Sighted AK-47 (x1)
check Sighted M4A1 (x1)
check Sighted Mk3 (x1)
check Sighted P-07 (x1)
check Sighted SCAR-H (x1)
check Simple S2K (Stay Frosty Pack) (x1)
check Skorpion 61 (The Network) (x1)
check Sleeper Cell PPK (x1)
check SOCOM II (x1)
check Soviet PPSh-41 (World War 2 Pack) (x1)
check SP101 Devilette .22 (x1)
check SP101 Tassie Devil (x1)
check SP5K Civilian (x1)
check SP5K Custom (x1)
check SPAS-12 (Fearsome Footage) (x1)
check Spec Ops AW (x1)
check Spec Ops Vector SMG (x1)
check Spyglass Rifle (Plunder Pack) (x1)
check Starshank Launcher (x1)
check Surplus M1911 (x1)
check SVD (The Network) (x1)
check SWAT 416 (Critical Response Pack) (x1)
check T4/M2 Carbine (x1)
check Target Mk3 (x1)
check Trail Blazer S2K (Go Bag Pack) (x1)
check Trumbull Gatekeeper (The Network) (x1)
check Trusty R12 (x1)
check UMP SMG (Critical Response Pack) (x1)
check USC Carbine (x1)
check Uzi 9mm (Fearsome Footage) (x1)
check Vector SMG (x1)
check Vintage Model 870 (x1)
check Viper (x1)
check Vulture .44 (x1)
check Vulture .44-Ex (x1)
check WWII Commander's 1911 (x1)
check X-36C (Doomsday Pack) (x1)
check (TEMP) Safari 44 (x1)
check (TEMP) Police Auction Golden Vulture (x1)

Customer Reviews

These reviews were posted in the comment sections of my YouTube videos.

  • Bone Goddess

    This guy is super helpful and scary quick to reply. I love it. He saved my ass on unobtainable outfits like the sea of thieves outfit I sadly missed. Super happy I was able to get the cool items and weapons I wanted. Plus the Izzbee mod is awesome. Definitely recommend.

  • Crystal's Life

    I bought earlier today and I have NO regrets! He was very fast and very nice!

  • Starfall Shadow

    Absolutely impeccable service. Remarkably quick too. I had my doubts at first, and I was asking a lot of questions, so much so that I was starting to worry that I was annoying him. But he was very patient and answered all my questions with quick replies. Within 30 minutes of placing my order, he told me it was done. ABSOLUTELY legit and reliable.

  • josh fritz

    I tried getting a mod for PC via this guy. His mods are Xbox only. However, he was very helpful regardless, and directed me to a website for PC SoD mods, and issued a refund. This guy is trustworthy and fair, not to mention patient.

  • C O

    Look, I was skeptical about this. Perhaps you are too. But for real this guy is legit and I don't need to grind Daybreak anymore. Everything he offers, he delivers on.

  • Bain

    This guy is the best. He resurrected my Red Talon guy after a different modder with more power than sense offed him in a vat of blood plague ferals. Hats off to you, sir!

  • Branko

    Replied within minutes. Fast process, got everything as described, and answered all my questions. Will be using again. Would recommend 1000%.

  • Phatmatt 5105

    If you're wondering if it's worth it. It's worth it. I bought the unlocked radio, couldn't be happier. He answered all my questions and he was done in 10 minutes. Dont take my word for it. There are so many positive comments.

  • Mattallic

    Bought the Daybreak Unlock simply because I don't like that game mode but wanted the items in the main game mode. Fast and honest. 100% legit.

  • Movement Artistry Productions

    Had to come through to leave a beyond-satisfactory review right after acquiring my items. The process is quite simple and the dude is very helpful during each step of the process. I highly recommend to anyone (like me) who just wants to have fun and especially not have to grind Daybreak for the umpteenth time.

  • FFAR

    He delivered what I ordered super fast and was overall awesome. I will order again soon for other communities.

  • Carlos Sepulveda

    Best modder in the business. I've been with Ghost AKA Sasquatch for about 5 years now and I always keep coming back !!! First of all he is Trust Worthy. Works fast and effectively. No games gimmicks or scams. You get what you paid for.

  • Sonny Thomas

    I bought a couple bundles and was not disappointed. Super fast service and exceptional work. Thank you.

  • Sir Ninja Raiden

    For anyone worrying it works just fine. Took him 10 minutes to set me up. I would suggest increasing the difficulty so the game is still fun AHEAD of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work on Xbox?

Yes! This is compatible with Xbox, Steam, the Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store.

Will I get banned for getting this?

No, Undead Labs has said they don't oppose modding since there is no PvP.

Do the weapons ever break?

Yes, unfortunately ranged and melee weapons can no longer have infinite durability.

Can I get this in Heartland?

Yes, however to get bundles in Heartland it's limited to only Xbox players at this time.

Do the guns reload back to 999?

Yes! You can reload them back up to 999 if you have enough ammo.

How do I get the items?

You will join my game for delivery, the items will be in the trunks and you'll transfer them to your locker by using the right trigger (RT) or T.

Can I change maps and difficulties?

Yes! Your items will stay in your locker until you delete the community.

What do I do after I buy?

After placing an order send a message so we can set up a time for delivery.

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