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Daybreak Weapons - $10 $15

You will get 12 of each Daybreak weapon, 12,000 of all Daybreak consumables and 999 of each Daybreak facility. Each gun has 999 ammo, reloads to 999, max stats, fast reload and is silent.

Daybreak Pack Item List
Note: You will need to unlock these items in Daybreak before you can use them.
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Compatibility:       Steam / Epic Games: Yescheck

999 Ammo, Reloads to 999
Each gun has 999 ammo loaded in the clip and can reload back to 999 or higher.

Maximum Stats
The Power, Accuracy, Control, Range and Quietness on each gun will be fully maxed.

Fast Delivery Time
With trunk delivery straight to your supply locker get all of your items in minutes.

Silent to Enemies
The Quietness on each gun has been maxed so they make no noise that can be detected.

10,000 of Each Consumable
You will get 10,000 of ALL Daybreak consumables and throwables.

All Daybreak Facilities
You will get 999 of every Daybreak facility including CLEO Core, watchtower etc.

daybreak weapon pack

Daybreak Pack Item List

The Daybreak Weapon Pack comes with 144 ranged weapons, 96 melee weapons, 84,000 consumables and facility mods, including:

144 Ranged Weapons

check CLEO Assault Shotgun (x12)
check CLEO Battle Rifle (x12)
check CLEO Blast Rifle (x12)
check CLEO Heavy Sniper (x12)
check CLEO Machine Pistol (x12)
check CLEO Pistol (x12)
check CLEO Sharpshooter Rifle (x12)
check CLEO Shotgun (x12)
check CLEO SMG (x12)
check RTX Hordebreaker (x12)
check RTX Stormbringer (x12)
check RTX Wolverine (x12)

96 Melee Weapons

check CLEO Battle Axe (x12)
check CLEO Greathammer (x12)
check CLEO Hand Axe (x12)
check CLEO Longblade (x12)
check CLEO Mace (x12)
check CLEO Warhammer (x12)
check RTX Extermination Blade (x12)
check RTX Crusher (x12)

84,000 Consumables

check Deployable Minefields (x12,000)
check Deployable Pyro Minefields (x12,000)
check Explosive Fuel Traps (x12,000)
check Fire Bombs (x12,000)
check Remote Grenades (x12,000)
check Remote Rocket Pods (x12,000)
check Sticky Grenades (x12,000)

Facility Mods

check CLEO Cores (x999)
check CLEO Support Transmitter (x2)
check Prefab: Officer Quarters (x999)
check Prefab: Red Talon Bunkrooms (x999)
check Prefab: Red Talon Watchtowers (x999)
check Prefab: Red Talon Workshops (x999)
check Red Talon Crafting Station (x2)

Customer Reviews

You can find these reviews in the comment sections of my YouTube videos.

  • Punk Rock Vixen

    This guy is super helpful and scary quick to reply. I love it. He saved my ass on unobtainable outfits like the sea of thieves outfit I sadly missed. Super happy I was able to get the cool items and weapons I wanted. Plus the Izzbee mod is awesome. Definitely recommend.


    I got the 1,650 gun bundle I'm really happy about it and I got it all in a very short time I suggest buying one.

  • Crystal's Life

    I bought this earlier today and I have NO regrets! Ghost was very fast and very nice!

  • Starfall Shadow

    Absolutely impeccable service. Remarkably quick too. I had my doubts at first, and I was asking a lot of questions, so much so that I was starting to worry that I was annoying him. But he was very patient and answered all my questions with quick replies. Within 30 minutes of placing my order, he told me it was done. ABSOLUTELY legit and reliable.

  • C O

    Look, I was skeptical about this. Perhaps you are too. But for real this guy is legit and I don't need to grind Daybreak anymore. Everything he offers, he delivers on. No joke.

  • Matt

    Bought Daybreak Unlock from Ghost simply because I don't like that game mode but wanted the items in the main game mode. Fast and honest. 100% legit.

  • FFAR

    He delivered what I ordered super fast and was overall awesome. I will order again soon for other communities.

  • Connhal

    Just letting everyone know who see this that yes he's legit. Great timing and great customer service and the mods are fun as hell to use. Thanks again.


    It really works I did it earlier today as soon as I paid he helped me within minutes great communication too.

  • Sir Ninja Raiden

    For anyone worrying it works just fine. Took him 10 minutes to set me up. I would suggest increasing the difficulty so the game is still fun AHEAD of time.

  • FlipMo357

    Completely worth it, I was skeptical at first but Ghost came through... Next level zombie apocalypse gaming! 👍 👍 👍

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work on Xbox?

Yes! State of Decay 2 is a play anywhere game so mods work on both Xbox and PC.

Will I get banned for getting this?

No, Undead Labs has said they don't oppose modding since there is no PvP.

Do the weapons ever break?

Yes, ranged and melee weapons can no longer have infinite durability.

Do they reload back to 999?

Yes! You can reload them back up to 999 if you have enough ammo.

How do I get the items?

You will be invited to my game for delivery, the items will be in the trunks and you'll transfer them to your locker by using the right trigger or T.

What do I do after I buy?

After placing an order send a message so we can set up a time for delivery.

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