state of decay 2 curveballs

State of Decay 2 Curveballs

Explore all of the State of Decay 2 curveballs available including the Black Plague Heart, Lost Platoon, Gargantua Mutation and much more.

Name Description Positive Effects Negative Effects
A Broken Heart One of the Plague Hearts is either suffering a mutational defect or an illness and has become extremely weak. • The broken heart mutation
• Zombies are weak, slow and less contagious
• The broken heart is muted
A Well Oiled Machine Sometimes everything just goes smoothly. The base needs little maintenance and the facilities are more efficient than ever. • Better food and meds production
• Cheaper to perform facility actions
• Overall base noise reduced
Bait Crate A supply drop was called in but no one turned up to collect it. The crate itself contains something that's luring the zombies. • Supply crate full of food found • Supply crate is luring zombies
Cesspit Zombies Zombies usually stink pretty bad but this is something else! Folks around here will be grateful if we dispatched them. • Zombies give influence • Zombies drain stamina
Dulled Senses Relentless drone strikes in the area have caused zombies to become unresponsive and zoned out. • Zombies have worse hearing
• Zombies are prone to falling over
• Zombies have poor eyesight
Elevated Senses Something has changed, Zombies are far more perceptive than we thought was possible, and we don't know why... None • Zombies have a better sense of smell
• Zombies have better eyesight
• Zombies have better hearing
Explosive Gunk Zombies These purple-eyed zombies have acquired an unusual explosive trait, either from a mutation or a build up in decomposing gases. None • Zombies explode with gunk
Finer Things in Life Luxury items are more sought after than anything else right now. There is a wave of enthusiasm for the finger things in life. • Community looking for luxuy loot
• Community has a higher morale
• Higher influence prices for selling
Fueling the Plague Plague Hearts are draining fuel from Gas depots within their reach, reducing global supply and affecting the Zombies & Freaks. None • Daily income from fuel has stopped
• Zombies & Freaks catch fire from attacks
• Fuel resources in the world are reduced
Gargantua Mutation Juggernauts have obtained a Gargantua mutation. They are tougher, stronger and overall more dangerous! None • Juggernauts deal higher damage
• Juggernauts have better eyesight
• Juggernauts have a better sense of smell
• Juggernauts stink and drain stamina
High Temperature Z's These overheating Zombies are our chance to grab more blood plague samples, but they are more infectious than ever. • Zombies drop more plague samples • Zombies are more infectious
High Toxicity Bloaters An alteration to the genetic material of these Bloaters have made them extremely toxic, both to us and the zombies. • Bloater gas kills nearby zombies • Greater damage from bloater gas
Highly Combustible These zombies have crawled out from a gas station, reeking of gasoline and ready to ignite. None • Daily income from fuel has stopped
• Zombies & Freaks explode when killed
• Zombies & Freaks catch fire from attacks
Influx of Meds We have found a location on the map which contains a shedload of meds. We should sweep them up before someone else does. • Higher chance to find stimulants
• Daily income from meds has increased
Juiced Up Some drunk moonshiners were attacked. The regular zombies in this area will drop alcohol but explode with fermented gunk. • Zombies & Freaks may drop alcohol • Daily income from fuel has stopped
• Zombies & Freaks explode with gunk
Just Fed Zombies have gorged themselves on a food supply crate and are now moving sluggishly. • Zombies will not run
• Supply crate of food
• Zombies deal less damage
Lost Platoon A large group of armored zombies have appeared around a military site, they could be carrying grenades and ammunition. • Armored zombies may drop military loot • Higher armored zombie presence
Missing a Few Bolts Despite the daily maintenance our base is starting to get noisy which is never a good thing when zombies are lurking around. None • Facility actions are less efficient
• Higher background noise from the base
• Community has a lower morale
News Travels News of our actions are surging through the wasteland and folks are willing to help us out any way they can. • More influence for special actions
• Higher influence received from selling
• Lower influence for radio actions
Out For Blood Something has changed, Zombies are more aggressive and are ferociously hunting for their next meal. None • Zombies are wildly running around
• Zombies are more melee resistant
• Zombies will chase us for longer
Radio Silence Long range communication has broken down, if we have lost our support network we are screwed. None • Radio support actions are unavailable
• Less influence for performing actions
• Radio facilities are offline
Ransacked Outpost An outpost has been taken hostage by a hostile gang. The disruption means we are no longer getting daily income. None • Hostile raiders at a location
• Daily income from (resource) has stopped
Scavenger Hunt The community is growing restless and wants to leave the base to grab some supplies. The activity will cause noise. • More frequent community looting events • Higher background noise from base
Sentinel Mutation Plague zombies seem to have acquired a mutation that gives them eagle eyed vision but impaired hearing. • Zombies hearing impaired • Zombies eyesight enhanced
Soft Skins Zombies are looking frail, were they exposed to a chemical attack or is this a mutational defect? • Zombies vulnerable to melee
• Higher crossbow bolt recovery chance
• Zombies impact vehicles less
Strange Mutations Zombies & Freaks are changing, is this just physiological change as their meat cures or is something more sinister at work here? None • Zombies & Freaks have a headless mutation
• Zombies & Freaks resistant to melee
• Plague Zombies drop lures
The Black Plague Heart A Plague Heart has changed to a Black Heart. This mutation makes it highly resilient and utilises lethal defense mechanisms. None • The Black Heart
• The Black Heart's dominion is growing
• Zombies are stronger
The Bullet Benefactor A mysterious patron is going by the name of the "Bullet Benefactor" has left a supply of weapons and ammo for us to find. • Community looking for ammo items
• Higher chance to find grenades
• Regular zombies may drop ammo
The Lone Raider A lone raider has built themselves a hideout and are using it as a base to steal resources from us and our neighbors. None • Hostile raider at location
• Daily income from (resource) has stopped
Thick Skinned These Zombies are harder to kill. Whether it's from a mutation, explosure or the solidified pus oozing out of their skin. None • Zombies resistant to melee
• Zombies impact vehicles harder
• Zombies resistance to fire
Under The Weather There is a bug going around. Our community is feeling really unwell and will need some specific meds to counter the illness. None • Stamina will drain faster
• Lower efficiency from first aid
• Fatigue will occur at a quicker rate
Up and At 'Em We don't know why today is any different, but we've got the fighting spirit and raring to kick some zombie ass! • Stamina will drain slower
• Fatigue will occur at a slower rate
• Improved firearm handling
Vicious Rumors There is a false and vicious rumor circulating about our community and it's having a real consequence to our reputation. None • Higher influence prices for buying
• Less influence for performing actions
• Less influence received from selling
Zombie Burnout Zombies in this area are experiencing some kind of fever. Their overexerted attacks hit hard but we can knock them down easier. • Zombies & Freaks are weak to melee attacks • Zombies & Freaks deal a higher amount of damage

Frequently Asked Questions

What are curveballs?

Curveballs are random in-game events that can add or change game mechanics.

When do they start?

For new communities it'll take 5 in-game days before curveballs will appear.

Can I turn them off?

Yes! There is an option in the setting menu to turn off curveballs after completing the tutorial.

How do I view the current curveballs?

There is a tab with active, upcoming and ended curveballs in the menu screen.

When will I get the Black Plague Heart?

The Black Heart Curveball can appear after 6 in-game days have passed.

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