State of Decay 2 Base Upgrades

Explore the State of Decay 2 base upgrades for Xbox including the Haven Device, modded base, base upgrade, cheat facility V1 and more.

state of decay 2 get more facility slots

Modded Base +
8 Outpost Slots

Removes all built-in facilities and parking spots, letting you install more facilities.

state of decay 2 infinite resources

9,999 Resource Pack

You will get 9,999 food, meds, materials, ammo, fuel, influence and prestige.

state of decay 2 cheat facility

Cheat Facility (Base)

Adds two cheat facilities to your base. Spawn infinite weapons, consumables, rucksacks and more

Get State of Decay 2 mods on Xbox including a Cheat Facility, Fully Modded Community, Sasquatch and more!
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