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Backpack Bundle - $7.50 $15

Get 12 of every Red Talon backpack, 12 Diana's backpacks, 12 Comfortable backpacks, 1 of each Heartland backpack and 1 of every normal backpack.

Note: This doesn't include any bounty broker backpacks.
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Platforms         Heartland Yes check Steam / Epic Games Yes check

36 Red Talon Backpacks
You will get 36 Red Talon Elite Backpacks, originally obtainable from the Daybreak DLC.

12 Comfortable Packs
Comfortable packs are the best backpacks in game, they have 8 slots and weighs 1.5 lbs.

12 Diana's Backpacks
Get 12 Diana's backpacks from the Heartland DLC. They're pink 8 slot backpacks.

Chameleon Backpack
This zero slot backpack takes on the appearance of any backpack you equipped previously.

All Heartland Backpacks
You will also receive 1 copy of each new backpack available from the Heartland DLC.

1 of Every Backpack
You will also receive one of every backpack available in the game, small, medium, large etc.

Customer Reviews

You can find these reviews in the comment sections of my YouTube videos.

Punk Rock Vixen
This guy is super helpful and scary quick to reply. I love it. He saved my ass on unobtainable outfits like the sea of thieves outfit I sadly missed. Super happy I was able to get the cool items and weapons I wanted. Plus the Izzbee mod is awesome. Definitely recommend.
I got the 1,650 gun bundle I'm really happy about it and I got it all in a very short time I suggest buying one.
Crystal's Life
I bought this earlier today and I have NO regrets! Ghost was very fast and very nice!
I just bought a bunch of mods from Ghost. This man does some AMAZING work! 100% legit, kind, great communication and fast as hell. Highly recommend.
Look, I was skeptical about this. Perhaps you are too. But for real this guy is legit and I don't need to grind Daybreak anymore. Everything he offers, he delivers on. No joke.
This was a great experience. He was available exactly when he said he was and very patient. First time putting any level of trust in a stranger, but worked out great. Definitely be buying some more.
Kevlar MoneyBags
I just bought the unlocked radio and modded guns/melee weapons from Ghost. Top notch service. Fast delivery. Nice and simple and quick the way he exchanges he had my radio set up in under 5 min. Definitely recommend his services.
Bought Daybreak Unlock from Ghost simply because I don't like that game mode but wanted the items in the main game mode. Fast and honest.
Just letting everyone know who see this that yes he's legit. Great timing and great customer service and the mods are fun as hell to use. Thanks again.
★ Maus ★
He delivered what I ordered super fast and was overall awesome. I will order again soon for other communities.
Stevie Harrison
It really works I did it earlier today as soon as I paid he helped me within minutes great communication.
Completely worth it, I was skeptical at first but Ghost came through... Next level zombie apocalypse gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work on Xbox?

Yes! State of Decay 2 is a play anywhere game so mods work on both Xbox and PC.

Will I get banned for having these?

No, Undead Labs has said they don't oppose modding. Plus these are just normal backpacks.

How do I get the items?

You will be invited to my game for delivery, the items will be in the trunks and you'll transfer them to your locker by using the right trigger or T.

Does this work in Heartland?

No I'm not able to get this bundle to Heartland unfortunately.

What do I do after I buy?

After placing an order send a message so we can set up a time for delivery.

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