• state of decay 2 durability test gun

Durability Test Gun - $10 $15

You will get a modded Durability Test Gun delivered in-game. It has 999 ammo in the clip, reloads to 999 and modded to never break.

Note: You can't drop this weapon or put it in your supply locker or trunk - it will become locked and unusable.
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999 Ammo, Reloads to 999
The Durability Test Gun has 999 ammo in the clip and can reload fully back up to 999 rounds.

Fully Unbreakable
The Test Gun will never break or jam, as long as you don't have a Red Talon Watchtower.

Max Weapon Stats
The power, accuracy, control and range will all be fully maxed, making this the best gun.

All Attachments
The Durability Test Gun will have all attachments stacked, including a brake, choke and suppressor.

Best Gun in the Game
The Durability Test Gun is a fully automatic .50 cal. It is the best gun available.

Heartland or Main Game
Get this weapon delivered to one of your Heartland characters or main game characters.

Customer Reviews

You can find these reviews in the comment sections of my YouTube videos.

Dallas 4 life Cowboys 5 days ago
This dude is awesome this is 100% legit i got the 1650 guns everything is real nightmare mode is so much easier now i 100% recommend this person to anyway this guy will go out of your way to help you so yeah!!
★ Maus ★ 2 weeks ago
delivered what I ordered super fast and was overall awesome, I 100% recommend this. I will order again soon for other communities.
love god 1 week ago
Thanks again for the cheat facility and 9999 prestige points
SAMUEl L00py 1 week ago
Really legit and fast 100% recommend buying from him if you want it.
Crystal's Life 3 weeks ago
I bought this earlier today and I have NO regrets! Ghost was very fast and very nice!
F R E Q 2 weeks ago
It's legit, responded very fast and completed it way before I expected
Crispy content 2 weeks ago
I thought I was gonna get scammed when I bought from this guy but he's 100% legit I could never trust anyone other than this guy if you want modded stuff different characters cheats this man has it great guy.
Stevie Harrison 3 weeks ago
It really works I did it earlier today as soon as I paid he helped me within minutes great communication to
John Kittz 1 week ago
If anybody is wondering this dude is crazy legit. I highly recommend. Super nice and fast. I'm most likely gonna have a second one done by him!
Kevlar MoneyBags 1 week ago
I just bought the unlocked radio and modded guns/melee weapons from Ghost. Top notch service. Fast delivery. Nice and simple and quick the way he exchanges he had my radio set up in under 5 min. Definitely recommend his services.
Kryp Omighty 1 month ago
I now have the cheat facility thx ghost you helped me so much, if anyone looking at this comment he's legit and such a nice guy. amazing person.
FlipMo357 1 month ago
Completely worth it, I was skeptical at 1st but Ghost came thru... Next level zombie apocalypse gaming!
Dank 6 days ago
100% Legit & Fast

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work on Xbox?

Yes! State of Decay 2 is a play anywhere title so mods work on xbox and PC.

Will I get banned for having this?

No, Undead Labs has said they don't oppose modding.

Can I drop it?

No you can't drop it, can't put it in your supply locker or trunk. It will become locked and unusable.

Can I give it to another character/friend?

Yes you can by selling it to a friendly enclave or trader then pressing X to buy and equip.

Does this work in Heartland?

Yes! You can get a Durability Test Gun in Heartland or the main game.

What do I do after I buy?

After buying send a message so we can set up a time to deliver your new weapon.

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